2016 weekly online classes in hand analysis

mining your schoolI feel deeply honored to have Richard with us again for another year of classes in Earth School. While these calls are essential training for hand analysts, some calls are of interest to everyone. This year we are mining the Life Schools and also exploring line and shape variations.
I really believe that Richard’s work is the psychology of the future, and if you are already working with his material in your own life, or to help clients, consider yourself blessed. These calls help people access his original thinking first hand.
Each teacher has a slightly different take on this material and, while each of us adds something, often really important or valuable, still the layers and layers of depth and meaning get lost in the process. This is why it is important to also hear it from source and to keep coming back for updates. One can then create one’s own interpretation with solid footing.
If you would like to join us in 2016 here are some Monthly payment options. You are welcome to join at any time. These classes will be made available in future in the shop for a slightly higher fee than the monthly rate.

*** NEU ab 2016 ***
Earth School Deutsch

Monika Hauser and Nina Nanz have spent the last few months exploring how they can best bring the Earth School series with Richard to the German speaking community.
In February this year they will be starting the first series of live reruns in German, starting with the Life Purpose calls that took place in English recently.
Monika and Nina are dedicated to keeping the content and finer nuances true to the original. You can now tune into them live every month.
More details here:
Richard Unger in deutscher Sprache!
We also have a whole new series of group supervision and mentoring starting in 2016 – both English and German groups.
broken life lineThe new series of hand analysis classes with Richard Unger, starts January 12 2016. This is the sixth year of classes with Richard and always new material.
There will be two topic class series – one call per month on fingerprints (Soul topics) and one call per month on line formation and hand shape (Palm topics).
There will also be a monthly hand prints query call, where prints get discussed and markers threaded together, to train your eyes to notice key markers and how to combine them with other markers. (How personality markers can support one’s soul journey.)
Plus one new threading call per month where the focus is on communication styles and delivery. This will be an opportunity for you to have your hands analyzed during the class

Join as a monthly member.
Join us for 1, 2 , 3 or 4 calls per month. And for small group supervision too in English or German.
interactive training group
We are also introducing a new series of classes that makes private tutoring possible in small groups
with an Earth School approved mentor. (all certified master hand analysts)
6 hats training will be available in both English and in German. You will be able to select your mentor.
More about this series here.

Other calls in German? Watch this space for news early in 2016.

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