How can I have my hands analysed by Jena?

You can have your hands analyzed by Jena
in Switzerland.
Or you can have your hands analyzed online.

How can I have my hands analyzed online?

  • Order your session by clicking on the link below.
  • A hand printing kit is sent to you by post.
  • Within minutes your hand and fingerprints are made following easy instructions.
  • Post (or email ) your prints back to Jena.
  • A date for the private consultation will be set.
  • Jena prepares work sheets and emails these to you.
  • Jena analyses your hand prints while you are together on the phone
  • Jena records the entire consultation.
  • You receive a recording of the session.
  • CD hand analysis session with Jena Griffiths
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    Please send me the inked sheets right away.

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