Breaking through your self imposed limitations

Our free call with certifed Access Bars practitioner Rhinda Fairless is now – at 3pm Central Europe.
Here’s the sign-in page to the free auditorium

Rhinda will explain how to free yourself from the self imposed prison of your thoughts by tuning 32 electromagnetic bars around your head that contain all the thoughts you’ve ever had about any subject.
More about this.

If you miss the call there’s a replay on the same link.

What has this to do with your hands?

Your hands show exactly what your limiting thoughts are.
For example, where vertical lines (running parallel to the fingers) indicate positive energy,
the lines running across your palm show where you are holding yourself back.
Boxes show precisely where you’re blocked, diamonds show frozen energy and bubbles on lines show trouble spots.
palmistry marker palm reading or hand analysis marker
For example, a diamond formation under the middle finger indicates frozen assets. If your finances are on hold in a big way ask yourself, what big talents do I have that am I ignoring?
If you’d like to know more about this purchase a foundational class on attack lines (topic 3) or on challenge markers (topic 10) on the link above.

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