Healing transgenerational trauma – can fingerprints help?

Is it possible that some traumas are so severe they not only get passed on from generation to generation they even show up in a person’s fingerprints? It seems so.

Transgenerational trauma is already well recognized and researched by trauma therapists like Peter Levine who has documented several case studies. There are also some Click here to read more …

Breaks in the life line and breaks in the heart line

The lines are poetic says Richard Unger and breaks are really no big deal.

From my perspective, the hand or palm, is a precise mirror of the psyche and, because it is so visible and ever present, it can be used to either beat oneself up (by believing misinformation) for one can use hands Click here to read more …

How to H’oponopono your life lesson

“Any time we think the problem is “out there”, that thought is the problem.” Stephen Covey

I’d like to share something I’ve been playing with the last few weeks. A wonderfully simple way to free yourself of limiting thoughts.

Probably you’ve already heard of Ho’oponopono and even use it. But have you tried it Click here to read more …

Are you an addict?

Do you have extreme appetites that you have no control over? For some people it’s chocolate, for others it’s sex, drugs… even exercise. How does this show up in your hands in an extreme form and what to do? One way that addiction shows up in hands is through an “escape line” also called a Click here to read more …

Healer burnout: free call with Dr Gill in a few hours

Are you a gifted healer? Or someone who is always helping other people and perhaps neglecting your own needs? If so, this call with Dr Prit Gill is for you.

If you miss the call there’s a recorded replay on the same link. Simply register below.

Date: 29 november 2010 Time: 2 pm Switzerland/Central Click here to read more …

Burnout as a gift. (hand analysis class)

In Switzerland burnout is a word people understand. It’s one of the few legitimate ways people here can get a little time out for self discovery. Sometimes burnout is a gift because the wrong road you took suddenly comes to an abrupt halt.

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Are people with a short life line more prone to burnout?

If you have a short lifeline this means you are a hard worker. When things aren’t going well or you’re under stress the tendency is to simply work harder.

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People with a short lifeline tend to work hard to be loved/get results. The danger is to link play and fun with guilt.

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Next hand analysis class with Richard Unger Burnout. It’s in your hands.

The next call in the series of 6 classes with Richard Unger is coming up fast.

And you’re invited.

Richard Unger

This is your change to ask the genius behind modern hand analysis anything you like on the topic burnout.

During the webcast call we’ll be posting up a while lot of hand Click here to read more …

Do you suffer from mood swings? Are you the melancholic type?

Image by Sebastian Niedlich (Grabthar) via Flickr

Mood swings, melancholy and depression show up in hands in a number of ways. Sometimes depression is circumstantial but often its a characteristic of one’s personality.

People who have long, narrow, blueish hands with lots of fine lines (typical water hands) and a long middle finger are Click here to read more …

Palm markers related to 5 different types of melancholy, sadness and depression.

Feedback from people who attended Earth School’s first hand analysis class with Richard Unger on hand markers related to depression: And some of the markers discussed.

Loved the class with Richard! I learned

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