How depression shows up in hands

Next Thursday, on 23 September, I’ll be discussing how depression shows up in your hands with world authority on hand analysis, Richard Unger.

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Depression what to do?

More than 10% of the American population is on antidepressants. But, according to Dr Daniel Amen of Amen clinics, there are at least 7 different types of depression and antidepressants are not the solution and often have dangerous side effects.

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Interview series: First topic. Depression: Is this you and what to do.

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Just to let you know, my new interview series kicks off on 23 September 2010. The first monthly topic I’ll be exploring is depression.

How depression, sadness and despair shows up in your hands and life, and what to do. I’ll be interviewing several experts on this topic.

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The big you and the little you. Working with your fingerprints to shift your view and your energetic state.

Here’s how to use your fingerprints to shift energetically:

the big you and the little you

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Re-dreaming your life: mothering

Today I salute the nurturer in you.

Of what? A family. An idea. A new dream for the planet. Your own inner child?

Sometimes this side of you gets put on the back-burner. Until something shocking happens to make you stop and reflect. And re-prioritize.

What really matters most in your life?

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Can hand analysis diagnose health?

What you balance on your fork predicts more about your health than the lines on your hands.

Are you killing your family with kindness?

Is the fork a deadly weapon?

I met a manufacturer of insulin recently who said: more people on this planet die each day from overeating than from starvation.

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On re-dreaming your life: Eyjafjallajokull

I’m in the pooh again. Along with everyone else living in rural Switerland.


The farmers have come out of hibernation and are spraying the stuff at us from all angles. Even though, only the other day, we were all given heaps of high quality fertilizer from Iceland. Absolutely free, without even lifting a finger.

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How can hand analysis help with awakening?

Hand analysis is a powerful tool for conscious evolution. It shows you exactly what your unique contribution is to the mass awakening of the human spirit. It helps you heal and grow by showing how you’re bigger than all that’s happening to you.

It helps you see and let go of your ego.


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Blog Archives on hand analysis

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