London 3 day Pro Hand Analysis Intensive Course

Due to student request, I’m adding an additional pro course into my 2016 calendar at short notice. This course will take place in central London, 30 September, 1 & 2nd October 2016. It will start on Friday afternoon and run through Fri eve and all day Saturday and Sunday. The syllabus follows the same material Click here to read more …

Learn to read life purpose from fingerprints in London

College of Psychic Studies

I’ll be in London in a few weeks at the College of Psychic Studies to offer a talk and also a workshop teaching people how to decode life purpose from fingerprints. If you are in the area come and join us at the College.

This talk will give you an Click here to read more …

Empowering yourself and others through hand analysis

Here’s a video that explains hand analysis, what it is, how it can benefit you and your clients and why learn it. Anuradha Kowtha, of Manifesting by Design, interviewed me on how to empower yourself and others through hand analysis. It’s quite a comprehensive video. Enjoy!

London 3 day pro course

The next London 3 day IIHA pro course will be Friday to Sunday, October 16-18 2015. Kingscross, Central London.

Learn how to read life purpose from fingerprints and help change lives for the better. Train your eyes to quickly see what normally takes years. Learn in person with Jena Griffiths, a master hand analyst Click here to read more …

Australian hand analysts of the future

I’m back in Switzerland after facilitating Australia’s first IIHA 3 day hand analysis intensive course earlier this month. Left to right: Joanne Dicinoski, Sally Young, me (Jena Griffiths), Shivani Killen, Ann Baker, Mrudula Carpenter, Helen Hutton, Patti Barton, Hedonna Thurgar, Ruth Gale, Jody van Hest. Front: Jo Hayden

Great news for Australia. Thanks to Patti Click here to read more …

Brisbane talks and 3 day Pro course

I’m flying off to Brisbane tomorrow to give some talks and also offer Australia’s first IIHA 3 day pro hand analysis course at the end of the month. I’m also looking forward to visiting the Great Barrier Reef and catching up with friends and family while there.

Talks in Brisbane If you are in Click here to read more …

Learn hands

hand analysis free calss

I’m offering two professional hand analysis courses in the coming months. Brisbane, Australia last weekend in July and London, UK mid October. These are 3 day level 1 intensive courses, and are both IIHA approved. More information here If you are nowhere near these venues, take the fingerprint portion online or a 12 week foundation Click here to read more …

The alchemy of relationship


Isn’t it interesting how at one depth your partner might look like a beautiful mermaid or a friendly dolphin. Yet at another depth, under intense pressure, the identical person suddenly turns into a deep sea monster? It’s a cosmic joke really – how we seem to attract and be attracted to the one person who Click here to read more …

Doing vs being

Eeyore! Eeyore! This is going to be my new mantra every time I catch myself trying too hard to “do” my life purpose.

What do I mean?

Have you noticed? The harder you try to grab onto your purpose the more elusive it gets? Why can’t you just have what you really want?

It might Click here to read more …

Mindfulness at your fingertips

How can you use your fingerprints as a mindfulness tool? Your fingerprints are your unique blueprint for mindfulness because they reveal what governs your emotions: What makes you feel fulfilled. And what shuts you down.

Click here to read more …