What is hand analysis?

People often ask me what hand analysis is, how it is different and how it helps. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions :

How can hand analysis help? Hand analysis is all about self discovery and how to unlock your right life. It is not about how long you are going to live Click here to read more …

How to H’oponopono your life lesson

“Any time we think the problem is “out there”, that thought is the problem.” Stephen Covey

I’d like to share something I’ve been playing with the last few weeks. A wonderfully simple way to free yourself of limiting thoughts.

Probably you’ve already heard of Ho’oponopono and even use it. But have you tried it Click here to read more …

How to figure out your mission?

This video by Brian Johnson is really worth watching if you are trying to figure out your mission or life purpose. Brian gives some great tips and also explains the difference between your universal purpose and your unique mission. Your main purpose being the same as everyone else’s – to connect with your higher self Click here to read more …

What’s my life purpose?

“What’s my purpose? How can I find fulfillment?” “What’s stopping me?” Surprising as it may seem, these questions can be answered by exploring the patterns on your fingerprints.

Your fingerprints are unique. They’re a vibrational map of who you are and what type of experiences you are likely to attract.

How can this Click here to read more …

Are you a good negotiator?

Some people love to bargain. They have a natural talent for negotiation. How about you? Take a look at the middle zone of your pinkie finger. If this zone is plump and well nourished – the outer side bulges slightly – this indicates that you’re a good negotiator.

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Building a successful metaphysical practice – part 2

Our second call with RIchard Unger on the topic Building a Successful Hand Reading Practice is today. We’ll be discussing the number one factor that most marketing gurus and business building strategists overlook.

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Tuesdays with Richard starts this coming Tuesday: topic 1 – building a business

The new weekly program with Richard Unger starts next Tuesday in Earth School, January 24, 2012 An opportunity for you to deepen your understanding about hands and life in general by learning directly from Richard, the world authority on hand analysis. Richard has much wisom to share and I’m deeply honoured to be able Click here to read more …

Breaking through your self imposed limitations

Our free call with certifed Access Bars practitioner Rhinda Fairless is now – at 3pm Central Europe. Here’s the sign-in page to the free auditorium

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What does it mean to be responsible?

This Thursday 25 August is our next Earth School inner circle call with hand analysis expert Richard Unger. Richard is the guru of gurus when it comes to hand analysis and author of LifePrints: deciphering your life purpose from your fingerprints.

The topic this month?

What does it mean to be responsible?

During the Click here to read more …

How understanding advanced hand shape types indicates career

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Identifying hand shape and their associated career archetypes is the most difficult part of analysing a person’s hands.


Usually specific palm markers and what they mean are clear. It’s either a gift marker or it isn’t. It’s either a bubble or a box or it isn’t… Each marker has Click here to read more …