Understanding and repairing your desire system

Why do we have a desire system and what is its role for a person on a spiritual path? This is the topic of our next call with Richard Unger this coming Tuesday. From the hand analysis perspective, your desire system provides you with a compass that can help you navigate these paradoxical waters.

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Are you too pushy?

When your index finger looks like it’s falling towards your thumb this indicates you have a tendency towards forcing your will or perhaps being pushy.

The energy of the thumb (your will) pulls your index finger (power/influence) out of its normal alignment. Meaning you’re imposing your will on your expression of power or influence.)

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Are you Hephaestus?

The next advanced hand shapes class with Richard Unger is today. Time: 11am Pacific. 7pm Central Europe. Elsewhere.

Who is he? Hephaestus (also known as Vulcan) was the husband of Aphrodite in Greek mythology. He was the finest, most creative craftsman ever but she thought he was a bore who worked too hard.

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Forthcoming hand analysis courses in Switzerland: relationships as mirror

There’s workshop fever in Switzerland at the moment with workshop week in two cities – both Zurich and Aarau.

I’ll be offering 2 workshops this month: one in Aarau on 15 March 2012. and one later in the month, on 20 March in Oberwil, near Zug.

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What gift can you bring into a marriage or partnership – just by being yourself?

Each of us has a different spark. Different roots and shoots and things that turn us on or off or make us special. A different way of shining. And also a different way of offering love to someone we share our lives with.

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Feeling misunderstood? Our call on this topic is today

Do you feel misunderstood or like people are just not hearing or getting what you’re trying to tell them? Our call on miscommunication and what to do is today. How does miscommunication or feeling misunderstood show up in your hands? More information here.

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Is your husband in love with another woman?

Six years ago my husband told me he was in love with another woman. This was the start of journey into hell that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. The pain and the shame were so deep, it’s taken me 6 years to even write about it openly.

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Do you have a Jupiter star in your hand?

A Jupiter Star is a gift marker indicating leadership and high achievement, according to Richard Unger, the man who first identified this gift marker and 16 others.

Are you the power behind someone else’s throne?

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Learn hand analysis directly from the maestro

Last Thursday’s practical call with Richard in Earth School was content rich and full of profound wisdom.

One of the 5 hands discussed with Richard Unger

We moved at a fast past, covering relationship red flags in 5 different hands. Exploring how heart lines interact with these and other markers in the hand.

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Learn hands with the teacher of all hand analysis teachers: Practical hand analysis workshop is today

Learn by doing! The second earth School call with Richard Unger is today. The practical hand analysis workshop 11am Pacific, 8 pm Central Europe.

This is the follow up call to last week’s topic call. “Solving relationship problems”

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