How can hand reading help you solve relationship problems, money issues, health and life purpose queries?

This is a self help, self growth site, that shows you how to use your hands to shift your energy immediately to take you where you wish to go.


Your hands are the user manual for your life.

But as with cars,  you don’t need to read the entire manual before getting started.

Your hands are where to look if something isn’t running smoothly in your life.   They’re a quick accurate way to diagnose hot spots and how to fix them.

It could be you’re having relationship problems, such as trying to save your marriage, or finding the right partner, or trying to figure out why you’re different to the norm or alone when this is not your choice.

Or you could have money related issues, such as not knowing why your finances are blocked. Or how to make money doing something you love.

Or the bumpy area in your life could be health related.  Hands can be used to indicate broader causes behind symptoms, such as where you are losing energy and what you can do to reverse this before it turns into a medical condition. You will learn  tips about how to stay healthy based on information in your hands.

Another topic where  hands can help is spiritual crisis.  This is when nothing makes sense any more and you find yourself deeply questioning the meaning of your life and why you are on this planet. This  can cause depression or in severe cases, make you feel suicidal. Your hands can show you the path back into daylight by reconnecting you with your purpose.

Your hands reveal an enormous amount about who you are and why you are on this planet.

All of the four problem areas discussed above have their roots in living out of sync with one’s life purpose. This is why I call what I do life purpose  hand analysis.

The main area of focus on this site is related to life purpose and life passion. This is about finding the right career. Not just a job but a passion that
resonates with your authentic self, so that work feels more like play because you are living on purpose.

How is this different from older forms of palmistry, palm reading, hand reading, chirology, pdc, and even classical hand analysis?

Life purpose hand analysis is, in my opinion, light years ahead.

This system was developed by Richard Unger, founder of teh International Institute of Hand Analysis. I like to add to Richard Unger’s cutting edge work another ingredient besides myexperience across many other fields of psychology, coaching, cross cultural exploration and adventure.

What is this ingredient?
and how to use your hands to shift your level of vibration immediately.

On this site you’ll learn a kind of shadow dance. How to have more success in all areas of your life in a fun playful way.

How? By exploring, naming and reclaiming neglected personas. Parts of you that support you in your journey.

Who are these sub-personalities?

Ignored, forgotten or abandoned parts of yourself that show up in your hands.

You may find this new way quite different to what I’ve written up to now.

Actually it’s very similar. Just a more fun, more effective way of using the information in your hands to be happier and live more on purpose right this minute.

Over the last 3 years I’ve covered a vast range of topics that you may find helpful.

You can access this material here:

Jena’s previous blog

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Happy reading

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