Introduction to Neuropalmisty™

Over the last year the way I talk about hands has evolved so much that in order to distinguish the difference between my work and others I have decided to call what I do Neuropalmistry™ instead of scientific hand analysis. This new subject will be peer reviewed and through serious research, data gathering and testing it will one day become a respected field, related to Neuroscience and Neuropsychology.

Neuropalmistry™ combines the best of hand analysis with neuroscience, polarity therapy, family systemic work, genealogy and developmental psychology. This new field explores the relationship between the brain and the hand, how repetitive or habitual thinking leaves traces in the palm. It also explores hands and fingerprints from an epigenetic perspective, helping us free ourselves from repeating family patterns, as much of our purpose is related to progressing through developmental stages as defined by Ken Wilber and others.

On a separate note, a new platform has been created to store data across multiple generations. If you would like to contribute your own personal hand prints to this database for research purposes please contact me.