London 3 day pro course

The next London 3 day IIHA pro course will be Friday to Sunday, October 16-18 2015.
Kingscross, Central London.

Learn how to read life purpose from fingerprints and help change lives for the better. Train your eyes to quickly see what normally takes years. Learn in person with Jena Griffiths, a master hand analyst and IIHA faculty teacher teacher, and get follow up support from Jena after the class too.

Whether you would like to become a professional Hand Analyst or you would like to broaden your own awareness of self or others
the course also gives you and additional revenue stream to your current business, with bonus classes on this topic by UK course co-ordinator, Anuraha Kowtha.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

Read life purpose from fingerprints with confidence
Identify personality types, motivational needs and communication styles
Help people see their higher potential, depth and beauty

Find out more about this course here.
or contact the course co-ordinator, Anuradha Kowtha, on +44 (0) 1983 566574 or via email
Jena Griffiths Pro hand analysis course

More about this pro course here.

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