SA hand analysts of the future

Jena Griffiths IIHA hand analysis course in Johannesburg South Africa

SA hand analyts of the future

Left to right: Margot Finberg, Helen Sardinha, Hester Hickey, Charmaine Boast with me.
I’m just back home in Switzerland after spending 2 wonderful weeks in South Africa.
Last weekend was my first 3 day professional hand analysis intensive in Johannesburg. I was really blessed with a wonderful group of dedicated participants.
Like my recent Zurich group, nearly all were long index finger – Zeus/Jupiter types. Yikes!
Fortunately I took fellow IIHA hand analyst teacher, Ronelle Coburn’s, advice on how to manage Zeus type students.
Make them all work really really hard.
If this was a hand analysis course why the drawing of a scuba diver?
An interesting way of explaining the role of fingerprints in our lives.

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Are you listening?

“A world where we don’t listen to each other at all is a very scary place indeed.” Julian Treasure.

When the little finger stands out all on its own, or topples off the palm, this is a sure indicator that the person is feeling isolated.
But so what?
How can hearing this be helpful?
Last Tuesday, during our monthly topic call on Speaking Up, Richard Unger added another layer to this conversation. Something that I think could really help a person turn this situation around. Richard said that a toppling pinkie is also an indicator that the person isn’t good at listening. (Makes sense, since the little finger is all about communication.)
toppling Mercury finger, isolation marker, poor listener,  pinkie falling off the cliff
My feeling is that these two conditions go hand in hand. Not being a good listener would certainly lead to more and more isolation. And herein lies the key. Becoming a better listener is a good way to end one’s isolation.
Because listening improves connection and understanding in relationships of all types, on all levels. So if your pinkie is toppling off the edge of your palm, or even if it isn’t, here’s some great advice from Julian Treasure.

A 7 minute video on 5 ways to listen better

Julian says we retain only 25% of what we hear, filtering out information unconsciously. Yet listening is what enables understanding. The more we lose our ability to listen, the more we risk misunderstanding, conflict and increased isolation.

5 simple tools

Whether or not we have this marker, we all need to improve our listening skills.
And a fun way to do this is through conscious listening.
Here are the 5 simple tools that Julian offers:
1. enjoy pure silence – at least 3 minutes a day
2. “the mixer” – in a noisy or complex environment try to identify individual sounds
3. “the hidden choir” – savour mundane sounds. For example, a tumble dryer.
4. Consciously move your “listening position” – for example from active to passive, critical to empathic, reductive to expansive….
5. RASA (the sanskrit word for “juice”). Remember this acronym.
And use it as a reminder to Receive, Appreciate, Summarise and Ask questions during any conversation.

“If every human learns to listen consciously we can transform this world to a world of
connection, a world of understanding and a world of peace.”
Julian Treasure.
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Hand analyts of the future

I gave my first professional 3 day hand analysis intensive last weekend in Zurich. Up until now I’ve focused on hobby courses. It was very rewarding watching people develop confidence and skills as the weekend unfolded.

Here are some hand analysts to watch out for in future:

Benjamin Pinardi, Christina Karenovics, me, Alex Anttila and Susan Straubinger
currently a meditation teacher, a soprano, a lawyer and a volunteer organiser
It was good training for me too because everyone in the class had really long Jupiter fingers!
What does that mean? they’re all natural leaders / rather bossy :-) )
hand analysis professional training Europe, Zurich

I’ll be offering the same pro course while on holiday in South Africa ,

October 18,19,20  2013 in Johannesburg. More info here

Also Zurich and London 2014. Click here to read more …

Hand Analysis training

The next European 3 day Intensive training is coming up in a few
days  27-29 September 2013 in Zurich.
I’ll be running the same course next month in Johannesburg 18-20
October 2013.

This training helps you connect with your authentic self and deeper
purpose at the same time giving you essential skills to help others
discover their life purpose and unlock their potential.

Zurich Course – The registrations close tomorrow night
South African Course – The early bird ends next Monday September 30.

This course will take place again next year in London and in Zurich.
The course is perfect for healers, coaches, counselors or anyone
who feels called to do this incredible work. Click here to read more …

Dark night of the soul – is ascension possible?

jacobs ladder, Labyrinth park

Today we’re looking at hand marker gets its name from a playground ladder that is nearly impossible to climb. The ladder flips over because it’s attached top and bottom to a ring. Some people can’t make one step before falling off. Others get nearly to the top before their hopes are dashed.
The name originally comes from a biblical story – the ladder Jacob dreamed of, from Earth to heaven. Angels attempting to ascend kept falling off the ladder and back onto Earth.
Richard Unger named the hand marker shown below after this playground ladder.

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Life Purpose and Self Discovery – Forthcoming courses

Two early bird deadlines are upon us – for forthcoming life purpose and self discovery 3 day IIHA (International Institute of Hand Analysis) accredited courses that I’ll be giving in Zurich, Switzerland, September 27-30 and in
Johannesburg, South Africa October 18-20 2013
The early bird offer for Zurich and the very very early bird offer for Johannesburg.
Both early birds are until today September 1, 2013.

Hand analysis courses switzerland, palmistry courses Switzerland, what's your life purpose, self discovery hand analysis, hand reading courses in Switzerland, Scientific palm reading courses in Europe
International Institute of Hand Analysis Johannesburg
B&B in heart of Johannesburg

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Is your reputation in danger? Or is it fear of rotten tomatoes?

According to Richard Unger, virtually every marker under the ring finger (Apollo) has something to do with reputation fears or what he playfully calls “tomato fear”. For example, a doubling of the heart line under this finger (see blue line marked below).
Or more commonly, attack lines running diagonally from the Mars (God of war/fighter) area of the hand across to anything under the Apollo finger. (see red lines below).

When these lines appear it’s important to look at the exact place where the line ends as this indicates precisely what is under attack.
Perhaps what’s under attack it is a talent line, indicating that the person has a tremendous talent that’s currently on ice due to fear of what others might think or say if it were lived more fully.
Even the Apollo star (a rare gift marker) is made up of 2 parts tomato fear.

The challenge?
To use this fear to achieve excellence rather than to stop oneself entirely.
The trick is to realize the illusion. The real tragedy is this: the tomatoes that stop us in our tracks (and put dazzling careers into mothballs while still just a twinkling in their owner’s eye) are mostly imagined rather than the real thing.
Most people sitting in rockers today, looking back on their lives, wish that they had worried less about what other people thought when it really mattered. They mostly regret what they didn’t do, rather than the opposite.
Feel the fear and do it an way. Your hands can help you find the courage.
You have three different sources of support

- your real friends – seek out a group of supportive friends who encourage you to step beyond your comfort zone
- your personality strengths (your inner allies) – get them working together rather than against each other.
- your “great friend” or higher self. That which calls you to become all you can be. (This is visible in your fingerprints.)

But what if this is an even deeper need to hide, with roots beyond mere family or society?
This is what we’ll be discussing today during our monthly topic call with Richard Unger – right Apollo life lesson.
we’ll be exploring how to uncover another layer of the great friend, your exalted life lesson.
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Are you a dancer?

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What does it cost us to be liked?

What does it cost us to be liked?
Or part of a group?
Do we have to sell our souls?
Or look like mindless sheep, just to fit in?
Peer pressure is a big deal when we’re teenagers finding our separate identity from our parents
and our place in the world, but should we still be conforming when we’re 30 or 50 or even 99?
And what does this have to do with self approval? Or self disapproval?

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Life Purpose Creation Course

Life Purpose hand Analysis Self Discovery Talk
10 days ago I gave a talk on hands at the Curious Courses Day in Zürich. How hands can help you tap into your potential and align with your life purpose. There was such a positive response that we’ll be diving deeper. Would you like to go deeper – to touch and activate the core of your higher potential?
Next Friday June 28, 2013 I will be offering a full day Life Purpose Creation Workshop together with London based coach Edson Williams. Edson and I will Click here to read more …