Why can’t you live your Life Purpose?

oak tree rootsAs hard as this may be to believe, you can’t not live your live purpose. You are always living it in one form or another. Your purpose is what makes you “you”. Utterly unique. Even when you feel off purpose you are still living your life purpose, albeit on another level. Experience in the seemingly opposite direction is what is required for your purpose to blossom.

There are numerous ways to make sense of this. One way is to use an oak tree analogy: usually all we see is the huge sturdy tree, but as soon as you start wondering, how does it get to be so big, strong and sturdy? Only then do you become aware of its hidden “alter ego”: the massive, unseen “taken for granted” root structure deep underground. This part is often far bigger than the visible part. You can’t have the one without the other. So too with your purpose.
Similarly, there’s the lotus flower analogy: without the mud that it grows in there would be no blossom.
Another analogy is to think of your lifetime as a tapestry: you can’t create a pattern without creating the reverse pattern on the other side. This is the messy underbelly where all the work gets done, knots tied, threads backtracked, seeming errors made yet it all make perfect sense when you look at the beautiful pattern on the upper side…
Each of these analogies elegantly explains how experience is required and how opposites apply.

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Empowering yourself and others through hand analysis

Here’s a video that explains hand analysis, what it is, how it can benefit you and your clients and why learn it.
Anuradha Kowtha, of Manifesting by Design, interviewed me on how to empower yourself and others through hand analysis.
It’s quite a comprehensive video. Enjoy!

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The Grammar of Hand Analysis

Learning to decipher the language of hands is like learning any language.
We can figure out a lot intuitively when we know the meaning of some words and if we make constant attempts to keep practicing and get feedback. However we can speed up our fluency and really master the language when we actively learn the grammar.

Here’s an example from personal experience. About 15 years ago, when I first started learning German, I made the mistake of learning a large vocabulary of nouns without learning the associated article (die, der, das) because English has only one article, namely “the”, I didn’t think it was that important.
Result: I made mastery of the language an impossible task. German is incredibly precise. I couldn’t figure out how mother tongue German speakers instinctively knew which article to use. It was only when I learnt the Swiss nickname for a toy doll which is “Babelli” and then heard the kids saying s’Babelli I realized that, even in the colloquial dialects, Swiss kids were always learning the article “das” shortened to “s’-” as part of the word. To learn one without the other (like I did) is like learning only half of each word. Naturally you are never going to be fluent no matter how huge your vocabulary.

Why am I telling you this?

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Understanding Fingerprints

understanding fingerprintsThere are lots of different hypotheses about what fingerprints could mean. And lots of different interpretations of these different theories too.
Some medical researchers relate the differences in pattern to chemical conditions in the womb. However, identical twins, with identical DNA, who experienced identical womb chemistry, surprisingly do NOT have identical fingerprints.
Prior to Richard Unger, nearly all palmistry interpretations of fingerprints based their work on Noel Jaquin’s work which correlates types of fingerprints with personality characteristics. The exception is Richard Unger’s LifePrints system which proposes a pattern linked to who we are beyond personality, in other words, our soul psychology.
In this article it is not my intention to compare different systems. It is an attempt to end misconceptions about what LifePrints is exploring and why so many people find it useful on so many different levels.

Fingerprints start forming once the volar pads that contain them are formed, 13 weeks after conception. They are completely formed by 21 weeks.
How can they inform us?
It helps to think of fingerprints as patterns in nature. Just as wind leaves a pattern in sand, and we can study the sand patterns to determine, for example, which direction the wind blew from and how hard, so too our fingerprints are evidence of an energetic force beyond and preceding our body, personality and life experiences. Click here to read more …

London 3 day pro course

The next London 3 day IIHA pro course will be Friday to Sunday, October 16-18 2015.
Kingscross, Central London.

Learn how to read life purpose from fingerprints and help change lives for the better. Train your eyes to quickly see what normally takes years. Learn in person with Jena Griffiths, a master hand analyst and IIHA faculty teacher teacher, and get follow up support from Jena after the class too.

Whether you would like to become a professional Hand Analyst or you would like to broaden your own awareness of self or others
the course also gives you and additional revenue stream to your current business, with bonus classes on this topic by UK course co-ordinator, Anuraha Kowtha.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

Read life purpose from fingerprints with confidence
Identify personality types, motivational needs and communication styles
Help people see their higher potential, depth and beauty

Find out more about this course here.
or contact the course co-ordinator, Anuradha Kowtha, on +44 (0) 1983 566574 or via email
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Australian hand analysts of the future

I’m back in Switzerland after facilitating Australia’s first IIHA 3 day hand analysis intensive course earlier this month.
IIHA pro hand analysis course, professional hand analyst
Left to right: Joanne Dicinoski, Sally Young, me (Jena Griffiths), Shivani Killen, Ann Baker, Mrudula Carpenter, Helen Hutton, Patti Barton, Hedonna Thurgar, Ruth Gale, Jody van Hest. Front: Jo Hayden

Great news for Australia. Thanks to Patti Barton’s tremendous organizational skills, the course was a great success. We now have 12 hand analysts in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales that will receive my backing and support as they open their new-found wings and practice their skills to help others find their life purpose and fly through professional hand analysis techniques. I felt deeply honoured to lead such a great class of high powered women from all walks of life. We had a number of counsellors, therapists and healers in the group, as well as graduates, business professionals and artists. Everyone contributed their own unique energy and spirits ran high as a result.
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Brisbane talks and 3 day Pro course

I’m flying off to Brisbane tomorrow to give some talks and also offer Australia’s first IIHA 3 day pro hand analysis course at the end of the month. I’m also looking forward to visiting the Great Barrier Reef and catching up with friends and family while there.

Talks in Brisbane
If you are in the region come join us one of these evenings and learn quite a bit about yourself.
16 July 2015 – Gift markers in your hands
29 July 2015 – Life Purpose at your fingertips

Venue: Relaxation Centre of Queensland
15 South Pine Road, Alderley, QLD 4051
Book through the Relaxation Centre Telephone: +61 7 3856 3733

More about this

3 day pro course
July 31 – Aug 2 2015
Come learn how to read life purpose from fingerprints and help change lives for the better.
This is an incredible skill to add to your existing practice or join us simply to learn more about your own purpose and personality.
Contact Patti Barton locally 0429 990 819 or find out more about this course here. Click here to read more …

What’s my life purpose? How can I live a more meaningful life?

Cairns Birdwing, the largest butterfly in Aust...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Much of our anxiety comes from feeling we aren’t doing what we came here to do. We fear we will somehow miss the boat. But please note: you cannot miss the boat because you ARE the boat.
It is the destiny of an acorn to become an oak tree. This is not a luxury. It is an inbuilt compulsion. The oak tree might grow into a big tree or a small one but it will always be an oak. So too, you can’t miss your life purpose. Nor is it a luxury to live it. It is the inbuilt compulsion that drives you. You have a unique song to sing that only you can express. This is what the world is waiting for. This is how you are meant to contribute – by being yourself.
It might surprise you to hear this: You are already living your purpose with every breath and every thought and every deed. Your life purpose is to dream the dream you are busy dreaming.
So what can you do better?
Can you improve the dream? Sure. Can you wake up in your own dream? This is our ultimate purpose – to become conscious creators of our own dream instead of unconscious creators; to shake ourselves and each other awake so that we can better steer the dream.
It is all about trust and timing – trusting that this is a supportive universe. The water is never deeper than you can stand in. “Life happens for you, not to you”.
How to unlock your potential?
By loving who you are and where you are right now. A baby takes nine months from conception to birth. It wouldn’t serve the baby to speed up the process and take it out of the womb after just two months. Likewise, a butterfly spends the first half of its life being a caterpillar. It wouldn’t serve the caterpillar to try to speed up the process or go into denial about being a caterpillar. To go from A to B the caterpillar needs to go through a complete meltdown. This isn’t a mistake or anything to fear. It is a natural process. We each follow our own unique timeline.
You are exactly wherever you need to be right now.
English: Caterpillar of a Common Australian Cr...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we consciously choose how we feel in the moment we see that we can take back the controls of our own life. You begin to see that you are at the hub of everything going on; that you are the creator of your own movie.
How are you meant to shine?
And, what does your life look like when you are not shining?
Deep down you already know these answers. Your fingerprints can really help too because they give you a clear map of your own unique blueprint. Your fingerprints reveal what makes you feel deeply fulfilled. They also reveal your core limiting thought. The very thing that is holding you back. When you can see how this works you have the key to setting yourself free. For more articles like this explore this website and register alongside for updates. For courses or consultations you need to decide if you would like an online or in person experience. For in person, I’ll be in Australia from mid July to mid August. See full schedule here.

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Is peace your purpose?

“The worst thing that can happen to you is a thought.” – Byron Katie
peace in eye of stormIn the eye of the storm there is perfect calm. Just beyond this, all hell breaks loose.
This picture of a hurricane is a great way for us to understand how to find peace in our lives. Everywhere beyond now, is a potentially painful, perhaps even terrifying, place to be.
The further we venture beyond the present moment, the more we are in danger of getting tortured by thoughts that easily run amok, roaring about would have, should have or could be, ripping out trusted trees, tearing up the tarmac, smashing our dreams.
Our minds are more fluid, more destructive but also more forgiving than tropical storms. And perhaps more mysterious too. We can restore calm any instant we choose.

Once when my mind was whipping up a dark storm, a stranger on the other side of the world said to to me, “Stop. Breathe. Smile.”

We come back to ourselves and our own calm center by remembering to breathe.
Today, perhaps I am that stranger on the other side of the world passing this gold nugget on to you.

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Love and connection as a life purpose

love and connection as purposeA few months ago, a woman her late 80s came to see me to find out what her life purpose was. Let’s call her Sarah. Sarah had recently lost her life long partner and felt her life no longer had meaning. She wanted to know what she could still offer the world. What was her life purpose?

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