Simian line – what are the advantages?

I’ve just realized that many of the people I deeply admire have a simian line. I was listening to an interview last night, Dean Graziosi speaking to Tony Robbins on confidence.
Tony described his first few months as a speaker, when he was still a teenager working for Jim Rohn. At that time, the top speaker in the company only spoke 3 times a month and Tony told him he thought he was lazy and that he would dwarf him within his first few months. Tony then set out to do just that.
How? Tony made it his goal to speak 3 times a day rather than 3 times a month. And he kept detailed notes of what worked and what didn’t. After the first month he had already had more than 2 years of equivalent experience.
After 6 months he had the equivalent of 12 years of experience and he outperformed the company’s top performer.

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Are you too strong to ask for help?

live in Little Rock, AR 3-30-08. I love the vu...

vulnerability live in Little Rock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Usually I’m pretty hopeless at reaching out and asking for help. Most of us are. We feel weak reaching out but actually the opposite is true. The other day I heard Brendon Burchard say that he has made it a daily practice to asking one other person for help every day. Why? It keeps him feeling humble and connected! What a beautiful idea. It reminds me of Brene Brown who says, “Vulnerability is a most accurate measurement of courage. It is the core of shame and fear and our struggle for worthiness but it’s also the birthplace of joy, of creativity, of belonging, of love.”
Receiving is also giving. It is a way to help others feel valuable and appreciated. Vulnerability is the glue that holds people, couples, societies and even nations together. We fear revealing our of soft underbelly but this is what makes us loveable.
Or as they say in Africa, “Ubuntu”. I am because you are. You are because I am.
I like to think of it like this: we switch our own light off a moment so that others can shine.
Some personality strengths may get in the way of your asking for help.
If you have the following positive characteristics in your hands reaching out may not be one of your strongest suites.
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Are you wearing storm-tinted glasses?

storm tinted glasses, frowning girdlesAre you wearing rose-tinted glasses or storm-tinted specs? Problem is, it is easier to see the lenses other people are wearing but not our own. You’ll never know you are wearing shades, unless someone persuades you to take them off, even for just a second.
Why do it?
To see how bright ordinary-extraordinary life is.
And if you don’t?
In my sailing days I knew a couple who claimed they always got a storm. And so they always did.
On one sea crossing, while the rest of us complained of no wind, they said that had such a huge storm they were knee deep in water below deck. We used to joke with them about not leaving port on the same day as they did in order to avoid bad weather at sea. Unfortunately, they were the only couple I knew who disappeared at sea, without a trace during a massive storm.
Our thoughts really are that creative.

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What is hand analysis?

I’ve just posted this video explaining what hand analysis is and how it relates to life purpose

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Learn hands

hand analysis classesI’m offering two professional hand analysis courses in the coming months.
Brisbane, Australia last weekend in July and London, UK mid October.
These are 3 day level 1 intensive courses, and are both IIHA approved.
More information here
If you are nowhere near these venues, take the fingerprint portion online or a 12 week foundation course.
For free online classes watch this space and if you can’t wait for the new ones get lots here.

How to shine

Here’s an exercise that shifts everything.
Imagine there is a light source inside your chest. You can turn the dimmer switch up or down.
Whenever you feel you lack something imagine that all you do is turn up the dimmer switch so that you radiate whatever it is you feel you lack.
The same applies to your purpose and lesson. If you already know your purpose, imagine turning up the dimmer switch and simply radiating that quality. Similarly, if you know what your life lesson is, simply find its opposite pole (your exalted lesson) then imagine yourself turning up your dimmer switch even more, until you are radiating out this quality too. For example, if your life lesson is about finding self worth then the advanced state is the teacher of self worth, the mentor. Simply imagine yourself radiating this quality into the world around you.
This is how you shine.

As soon as you think, “But I’m not that!” You’ve turned the dimmer switch back down. Simply turn it back up again and feel the warm glow flowing through all the cells of your being.
If you are not sure what your purpose or your lesson is you can get a work it out yourself from your fingerprints. Or simply go back to the beginning of this exercise. Choose any feeling of lack and then imagine radiating out an abundance of whatever it is you feel you lack.
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Are hands predictive?

Young plant with brain root, vector
It might surprise you to hear this but nearly every horizontal line in your hands indicates some form of negative imagination. These lines show where your limiting beliefs or ideas are; stories you are telling yourself about yourself, your circumstances or other people.

The location of each of these lines is precise, leaving valuable clues about the nature or subject under discussion.

Herein lies the real gift of hand analysis: you can clearly see the fine root structure just below the surface of your life. Lines represent thoughts you are watering frequently with your emotions. The good news is, knowing this enables you to root out negative or destructive thoughts or beliefs before they have more impact on whatever is going on above the surface. An opportunity for radical de-weeding of your inner landscape.

Thoughts create things. Negative imagination creates unwanted experiences whereas positive imagination enables a tectonic shift in outcomes.

From this perspective perhaps one can actually predict the future. It is based on where you are putting your thoughts and emotions today. A object set in motion doesn’t change direction unless acted upon by a different force. By changing your thoughts and how you feel (the quality of your presence) you change the outcome and hence also the future.

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The paradox of purpose

My work with hands has changed radically in the last few months due to a very subtle shift in perspective.
This is the realisation that life purpose is not something to be chased, but rather something to be inhabited, or simply switched on, the way one turns up the dimmer knob of an internal light. Your life purpose is a feeling state not an action. A way to shine knowing that the source is within not without. A being, not a doing.

A goal is something quite different – a stick thrown ahead and achievable. Whereas life purpose is part of who you are. Something you need to be wagging rather than chasing.

If you are not sure what your purpose is, and how to wag it rather than chase it, your fingerprints can help you understand what governs your tail wagging more than anything else I’ve ever come across. You can get a free report on this here.
Here’s a video of dogs chasing their own tails. Click here to read more …

The alchemy of relationship

Isn’t it interesting how at one depth your partner might look like a beautiful mermaid or a friendly dolphin. Yet at another depth, under intense pressure, the identical person suddenly turns into a deep sea monster?
dolphin-mainangry spouse
sacred partnership, alchemy of relationship, fingerprints and mindfulness, mindfulness at your fingertips, lifeprints training, conscious collaboration, hand analysis applied to relationship, love is in your hands It’s a cosmic joke really – how we seem to attract and be attracted to the one person who can really push all our buttons. Why is this? And how can, instead of ending up in a totally dark place (inside the belly of the beast?), how can we play the game with love and support instead of getting eaten alive?
Last night Tomar Levine and I completed the final chapter of our new “mindfulness at your fingertips” course. The focus of the 9th call in this series was on sacred partnership. Seeing the game and embracing the collaboration.

What did we discuss?
We discussed the alchemy of relationship – and why we need it.
We also explored how your fingerprints show your trigger points and how knowing each other’s hidden drives helps one to create a safe haven for both to do the work required. This is the real beauty of relationship; being both the vehicle and the vessel for each other’s transformation. Not just one or the other.

sacred partner-ship, relation-ship, alchemy of relationship, marriage counselling
Some other key points we discussed:
That happiness is an inside job.
That thought is creative and emotions breathe life into our thoughts.
We can’t change another person but we can choose a different response. Or a different story to tell ourselves about whatever is going on.
How do you choose to react? As a victim or as a judge? Or as a compassionate witness?
Compassion is the key, particularly self compassion, and seeing through the painful stories we use to keep ourselves trapped in the underworld.
And then the miracle – as we change the stories we tell ourselves (and hence, how we feel) our partner mysteriously changes too.
Why is this?
Instead of trying to fix the mirror, as we transform so does what we see reflected back to us.

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