Are you from the moon?

Our next Gift marker topic call in Earth School covers three very different yet similar gift markers,
each one indicating a unique talent:
1. Moon Stars
2. Pluto Stars and
3. Neptune stars
Moon stars indicate a Click here to read more …

Do you have a Zindler frown?

frowny face, palm frownyA Zindler frown looks exactly like the opposite of a smiley. A frowny. And that’s exactly what it means. It’s a rather extreme version of a Zindler line which itself is an unhappy marker, indicating thwarted ambition, frustration or anger at having not yet lived or realised one’s full potential. This marker tends to show up on the hands of people who are very gifted but who, for one reason or another, feel they have been blocked in some way. Usually, when we don’t live our potential, it’s not because of what others have done or said. We tend to get in our own way. It’s tempting to project all this pent up anger outward onto some circumstance or other person. But that would be a massive power give away. Why not reclaim all this pent up emotion? Use it as a fuel to drive your engine way beyond the norm so that you can share your natural talents and all you have to offer with the rest of the world?

What does a Zindler Frown look like?
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The Zindler line (and Zindler frown) ends in the Pluto zone of the hand. Which is the zone of radical transformation.
Other frownies are possible in other regions of your palm. For example, there’s one called a Neptune Frown and a few different types of Frowning Girdle.
What these mean exactly depend on their precise location.

To learn more about what your hands and what they are trying to tell you, take a 12 week hand analysis foundational course online with Jena Griffiths.
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Coming soon in Switzerland – June 2014

I’ll be giving a talk on Gift markings in your hands at the American Women’s Club on Friday 13!
This talk is free and open to everyone.
AWCZ coffee morning
more info here

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Do you have lines of genius?

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Lines of Genius gift marking

Do you ever feel like you’re going round and round in ever diminishing circles, going nowhere fast?
Perhaps you can write. You know you have a message to share. Sometimes the words just flow from your pen as if you’re dictating from a divine source. But then you dream up a million reasons not to show up on the page?
Or perhaps you’re built to speak to large groups. You can take complex material and, by putting it into your own words, adding stories from your own life experience, suddenly the light bulb goes on for other people. But then you don’t get out there?
If this sounds like you check your pinkie fingers.
Compare the upper section of the little fingers to all the other fingers.
Can you spot 3 or more parallel lines running the base up through the middle of this upper section? 3 more than on your other fingers?
This gift marking is called “lines of Genius” but that’s a misnomer. This is not about IQ or being a genius. This is marker indicating a unique talent for mass communication. An ability to take complex ideas and simplify them so that everyone understands. And if you aren’t doing this it could explain why you feel like you are going nowhere fast.
If you resonate with what I’m saying but don’t have these lines then you’ll be interested to know that these lines tend to grow in over time with use. Likewise, they can also also disappear over time. All the more reason to get out there and do what you know you excel at. The rules are 1. Just do it. Practice makes perfect. 2. Be authentic.

Here are some examples of what this marker looks like. Click here to read more …

How to H’oponopono your life lesson

Life purpose, life lesson

“Any time we think the problem is “out there”, that thought is the problem.” Stephen Covey

I’d like to share something I’ve been playing with the last few weeks.
A wonderfully simple way to free yourself of limiting thoughts.

Probably you’ve already heard of Ho’oponopono and even use it.
But have you tried it on your yourself, and specifically your life lesson?

What is Ho’oponopono?
An Hawaiian technique that helps you clear your inner world of old thoughts and memories, and, as you do so, your outer world changes.
The way I see it, there are 2 ways to use Ho’oponopono.
1. applying it to problems that are “out there” – the outer world mirrors your inner world.
2. applying it to inner limiting thoughts as you notice them.
This second application can be used with or without input from your hands, but when used together with your fingerprints, it’s a game changer.
Let’s jump right in and practice a bit, then we’ll explore where it comes from, background stories and more.

How do you do it?
Whenever you have a limiting thought about yourself of any kind (think life lesson) simply apologize to yourself for having the thought.
Here’s all you need to say: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”
You can say only one of these sentences. Or all four.

From a practical perspective, that’s all there is to it.
Try it. You’ll be amazed.

More about Ho’oponopono -
The practice caught the attention of the healing world in 2005 when a story spread like wildfire about a Hawaiian called Dr Len who healed an entire ward of dangerous mentally ill criminals. The thing that captured everyone’s imagination was that he didn’t even work directly with the inmates. He simply took their files into his office and quietly worked on himself using Ho’oponopono techniques. Owning, loving and releasing the parts within himself that each inmate represented.

He did this mostly by Click here to read more …

Do you have Joplin tips?

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spatulate finger tips

One of the many ways creativity shows in a person’s hands is in the shape of one’s finger tips. Look at Janice Joplin’s finger tips above, particularly on her ring fingers. Now look at a close up drawing of the shape of this finger tip in the drawing alongside. It’s called the spatulate tip (spoon shaped) but it also looks like the shape of a light bulb, which is the universal symbol for original ideas. And, a great way to remember what this shape means. Extreme, even rebellious, creativity and out of the box thinking. “The rules don’t apply to me” type thinking that was the hallmark of Janice’s music career.
Two close cousins to the “Joplin type” are the “Mad Scientist” and the “Tinker”. These guys also have light-bulb shaped finger tips but the shape of palm itself is different – the Mad Scientist has a more Air shaped/mental or cerebral hand shape and the Tinker is more earthy.
To study these types in detail join our series of hand shapes classes with Richard Unger. Every month in Earth School we discuss his latest work on decoding hand shape types. The course is packed with fascinating insights and essential material for pro hand analysts.

Do you have an Apollo Star? shows up in your hands in a number of ways. For example, spatulate finger tips. Or lots of fiery crackly lines all over your hands. Or a rounded flame-like fire shape hand. Or long ring fingers. Or special lines that run up through your palm to towards your ring finger. All these indicate tremendous creativity, but the marker that tops them all is the Apollo Star – Rolls Royce of creativity markers.
That’s a star-like formation underneath the ring finger.
Why is it called an Apollo star?
The ring finger and the region underneath it is named after Apollo, the Greek god associated with creativity, artistic perfection, showmanship and display. The star is like an explosion of energy in this creative zone.

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Apollo Stars under the ring finger

Apollo stars require of their owners to Click here to read more …

Understanding the lines in your palm

In order to understand any line formation in your hand, it helps to have a general overview of the forces at play. This gives you an understanding the basic principles of how these forces operate, helping you see any individual line within the context of what’s going on in the entire palm.
One way of interpreting the lines on your palm is to see these lines as being pulled or influenced by different forms of energy that run through the meridians in your body and into your hands.

Your hands show where you are putting your energy and focus. A different type of energy runs up through each finger, shaping the finger length and both forming and pulling on the line formations under it. So too with different parts of the palm.


Bearing this in mind, in then helps to imagine these forces as pulling on the lines on the palm. Almost like the way iron filings get pulled by magnetic forces. The forces are there, but not visible to the naked eye.


The magnetic field of a bar magnet revealed by iron filings on paper. A sheet of paper is laid on top of a bar magnet and iron filings are sprinkled on it. The needle shaped filings align with their long axis parallel to the magnetic field. They clump together in long strings, showing the direction of the magnetic field lines at each point. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Think of these different regions of the palm as magnetic fields, each associated with a different force of energy.
The names of these different energy forces refer to Click here to read more …

Do you have a Saturn Star?

A Saturn star is star-like formation of lines in the palm directly under the middle finger.
It’s quite a rare line formation, and is considered a “Gift Marker”, indicating a tremendous talent that needs to be used.
So what gift does this particular star indicate?
In some hand shape types it indicates organisational ability. In others, it indicates a unique ability to generate wealth or abundance for other people (and hopefully oneself too) by connecting people to the resources they need.
The tendency is to put oneself last, and herein lies the challenge: recognizing one’s ability, developing the self worth and learning to reap the rewards.
We’ll be discussing Saturn stars in detail today with Richard Unger, the person who first identified the gift. We’ll also discuss with Richard how the nuances change according to different hand shape archetypes (personality and temperament).
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May you recognize the gifts you have and share them with the world.
Join this series of calls on Gift Markers here
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Are you a storyteller?

A new series of advanced hand shapes archetypes classes starts tomorrow in Earth School with Richard Unger and Jena Griffiths.
This month we’ll be exploring the Storyteller archetype over two 90 minute calls.
What is the Storyteller type?
Here’s a short video of Richard explaining some of the basics of this type. Scroll down to see a good hand print example and what to look for.

Click here to watch all the free videos on understanding archetypes through hand shape.
How to recognize this type?
Note the large bulge on the lower part of the palm away from the thumb (ulnar side).
This is called the “Moon area” of the hand because it indicates a rich inner world – imagination and spirituality. Combine this with a longish pinkie finger (communication/quick-witted) and you have the storyteller archetype.
How can you tell if the pinkie is long?
Check to see if the little finger reaches above the upper joint of its neighboring ring finger.
How do you see if the moon is large?
Look at the hand print below. This is an extreme example. It could also bulge upwards as in the hand print shown in the video.
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