Earth School Topic 1.

Hand markers related
to depression

Jena interviews Richard Unger
on 23 September 2010

a rare opportunity

Hi, Jena here.
This is your personal invitation to join me this Thursday
to learn about your own hands directly from the genius behind modern hand analysis.

For the next six months, Richard Unger will be with us in Earth School
to share his wisdom with the broader community, hand readers, healers and anyone interested
in human potential and conscious evolution.

This Thursday, 23 September 2010 the topic is 'How depression shows up in hands'.
During the call we'll be looking at how your hands can help you get to the source of your mental state and show the path out.
Whether you're suffering from depression yourself, or you're a healer, a health practitioner or an advanced or master hand analyst, I urge you to sieze this rare privilge to learn directly from Richard.

In the call

You'll learn :
  • the differnt ways depression shows up in hands
  • the finer nuances between the different markings
  • how knowing the differnt types can help you find the way out of your condition.
  • We’ll also be discussing combinations and things to look for that only Richard knows about up until now.
  • and what this has to do with your fingerprints and life purpose.
  • And, much more...

To register for this call and future calls with Richard for $37 per month

You will receive access to the call, access to the replay, a document on depression and hand prints for the call prepared by Richard. You'll be able able to ask Richard any question you like related to depression during the call. The call is on webcast. This means that you can listen to the call through your computer. (You can also listen via phone, but space is limited.)

A replay of this call will be available for purchase for $47 after the event has taken place.

If you are a professional hand analyst you cannot afford to miss this call.

Please put these future dates with Richard in your diary right away. September 23 2010. 8pm central Europe. 2pm USA, Eastern, 11am Pacific. October 28, 2010, November 25, Dec 16th , January 27, Febuary 24th 2011.

Looking forward to having you with us on the call!

Richard Unger is the founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis and author of
the book LifePrints: deciphering your life purpose from your fingerprints.

Richard's contribution to the world of hands is staggering. His work includes fingerprints, gift markers, heart line types, challenge markers, attack lines, and more recently, his breakthrough work on the career archetypes.