Interview Series with Richard Unger and Jena Griffiths

Learn directly from the Maestro. Jena Griffiths brings the teacher of all accredited master hand analysts direct into your living room to teach you about hands. Each month Jena grills Unger on a different topic, getting him to explain the precise meanings and differences between markers.
Submit written questions before and during the call. You’ll get a recording, plus a document on the topic plus prints. You also get membership to Jena‘s inner circle with extra resources and support from Jena. Whether you are a master analyst or a complete beginner, these classes bring you up to speed. This series is the most affordable way to access the most up-to-date hand analysis knowledge available. If you’re a pro yourself, you can’t afford to miss these 1h30 monthly classes. Comments from participants: “Extremely generous in content.” “Invaluable.” “Your calls are a delight and the highlight of my week. “I can’t tell you how much your calls are helping me.” “The threading is exquisite, helpful and intriguing.”
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**NEW** Understanding the Archetypes

Discover the mythological archetypes in your hands.
Richard Unger’s latest work on advanced hand shapes.
A new breakthrough course that will shave years off your learning curve. Jena brings the teacher of all accredited teachers and master hand analysts direct into your living room to teach you his latest work.
Watch a free video series click here.
Course 1 – 16 archetypes (instant access)
Course 2 – 12 archetypes (2 classes per month in 2014)
Access all 28 advanced archetypes here.

hand analysis ebook

LifePrints Deluxe – Richard Unger

500 page eBook – Richard’s original manuscript - $47
LifePrints De Luxe is an invaluable reference guide. It overshadows the smaller printed volume in both depth and breadth and is more than 200 pages longer. The De Luxe version is full color with a lot more images and illustrations. It also has more examples plus Richard’s thinking on the mythological archetypes.
The appendix of LifePrints De Luxe includes an overview of Richard’s other work beyond fingerprints: his thinking on hand shape, heart lines, mate selectors and gift markers. It’s worth buying for this section alone.
Download your free chapters here.

soul tracking

39 Steps – Soul Tracking

Life purpose/ life lesson as a daily practice
Your step by step guide to unlocking your life purpose.
Learn how to work with an advanced understanding of the life purpose developmental phases:
for deeper reflection, soul tracking, life purpose support and life purpose fulfillment.
We covered material that has never been published before – Richard’s Soul Tracking Process.
We walked through these developmental phases discussing examples and how to recognize
which phase you’re in.
Reference Document and 2 Classes $79

Tuesdays with Richard

Graduate classes with Richard Unger every Tuesday in Earth School. Keep learning from the maestro.
This weekly series will shave years, perhaps even decades off your learning curve. Designed for seasoned hand analysts but newcomers are welcome.

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Foundation Classes

Foundation Hand Analysis Classes by Jena Griffiths

Get a solid foundation in professional hand analysis

Is your hand analysis knowledge a bit out of date, shaky, or with weak foundations?
Update your database and improve your skills in only 12 hours.
These classes are suitable for both beginners and advanced hand analysts.
Download 12 Essential classes on hand markers related to personality psychology.
Includes recordings, transcripts and reference pages.
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Advanced Threading with Richard Unger and Jena Griffiths.

Learn by doing
These Grad classes are for experienced and master hand analysts around the world, but beginners are welcome. There’s no better way to achieve mastery yourself than by watching Richard Unger in action while he analyses real hands in all their complexity. Listen to Jena ask him probing questions on the finer nuances, getting him to explains in great detail what he sees and how one marker impacts on another. You can also ask questions yourself and submit hand prints for the calls. This is a screen sharing class with video and audio replays and detailed high-lighted reference documents to refer back to.
More info about these calls. Buy all previous classes for your reference library.
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Jena Griffiths BA BSc Bsc (hons) PCE, IIHA CHA, IIHA AHA, Certified Advanced Hand Analyst

Supervision Hour / Private Tuition

If you’d like to join a supervision group, where you get feedback on your hand analysis skills and learn how to improve them contact Hand Analysis Online.

The same applies to private consultations, supervision or coaching.
Contact Hand Analysis Online

Success starts when you know yourself.
Know yourself then be yourself.
Your hands show you how.

Pro Courses with Jena Griffiths

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The course is perfect for healers, coaches, councillors or anyone
who feels called to do this incredible work. It’s also your first
step if you’re thinking of becoming an internationally certified
professional hand analyst.

Fingerprint Reports

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Fingerprints can be complex at the best of times, just like humans. If you are sometimes not sure if you have correctly analysed your client’s fingerprints, scan in the hand prints, email them to us.
You’ll then be sent a computerised print out on life purpose/ life lesson. Giving you confidence and clear guidance on what to discuss in your next session.

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