Simian line – what are the advantages?

I’ve just realized that many of the people I deeply admire have a simian line (also called a single palmar crease) such as Tony Robbins. I was listening to an interview last night, Dean Graziosi speaking to Tony Robbins on confidence.

Tony described his first few months as a speaker, when he was still a teenager working for Jim Rohn. At that time, the top speaker in the company only spoke 3 times a month and Tony told him he thought he was lazy and that he would dwarf him within his first few months. Tony then set out to do just that.
How? Tony made it his goal to speak 3 times a day rather than 3 times a month. And he kept detailed notes of what worked and what didn’t. After the first month he had already had more than 2 years of equivalent experience.
After 6 months he had the equivalent of 12 years of experience and he outperformed the company’s top performer.

What has this to do with the Simian line?

People who have two major lines in their hand/s instead of three major lines (called a Simian or single palmer crease) have the energy of the heart and the energy of the head running in one cable. This translates into an ability to focus on a single task or subject with unstoppable drive, energy and focus.
Tony has a Simian line and his story above perfectly demonstrates this gift.

Tony’s advice?
Make a list of all the things in your life that once seemed difficult or impossible but now you have it.
How did you go from impossible to possible?

- unleash your desire/become obsessed
- take massive action
- acknowledge Grace. “Life happens for you, not to you, when you acknowledge it.” says Tony.

Tips for Simians:
Find a topic or career or hobby that really brings you alive and make that your focus.
Always double your check communications to avoid feeling misunderstood.
If you have a child with a Simian (also called single palmar crease) don’t see it as a problem, see it as gift.
A high percentage of Simian crease owners also have a really good multiprocessing brain. (Hal headline type)
The only way you will find this out is through dialogue.
Perhaps your child needs to be given the freedom to widely explore his or her own interests.
The Simian line gets bad press because it has been associated to Down’s syndrome. However, only a tiny percentage of Simian owners have this condition.
Simian line and downs syndrome
You can read more about this and other Simian facts here. You can also watch a very informative video about the Simian line on the same link. Parents of Simina children need to watch this video at around 11 minutes in.

Here are some examples of famous people who have Simian lines:

Tony Robbins
Robert de Niro
Michael Moore
Tony Blair (Double Simian)
Hillary Clinton
Neale Donald Walsch
Richard Unger

If you have a Simian line, explore the lives of these people (who also have a single palmar crease), and learn from them how you too can use your gift.

Write names of all your heroes who have simians in the comments below, or share your own experiences of extreme focus to help inspire others who have this marker. For more info on this marker watch a video here you can also purchase a class on the Simian line (and all its variations) if you would like to know even more.

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  • shreeya nepal

    i have simian line in both hand and just want to know is it lucky or unlucky , it is good or bad?

    • HI Shreeya

      It is neither good nor bad. It is a quality you can either use or not use. Use your gift.
      If you find people misunderstand you, simply keep double checking all your communication. “What did you hear?” or
      “Is this what you mean?”

      • I also have simian line in my both hand and i think it really very hard for me to take decisions for myself…and i can’t focus my mind on just one topic…and many more problems are there

      • Sangeet

        Hi ma’am ! I just noticed my phone 10 months old baby has simian line on his right hand ! I am so badly worried ! Pls advise ! Would appreciate

        • Hi Sangreet, Don’t be worried. The vast majority with this marker are fine, and above average in intelligence. If there was anything wrong you would know by now. Later, when he’s a bit older, listen to the call with Richard giving advice to Simian parents. About letting him explore what fascinates him and about communication advice.

          Enjoy your son and stop worrying.


    • Arnuld

      I am Arnuld from Philippines born June 18, 1985…I have 2 hands both simian…I am curious of what this means, My dreams is Universal…I think my talent/skills are multiple intelligence! My problem is someone evil spirit tempted or trigger my mind! I love communication diverse people maybe I’m congenial…I’m religious, passionate, optimistic, driven, ambitious, positive thinker…I think I am full of strength and endurance! My ambition is to become a President or Ambassador of the Goodwill…I love Painting/Drawing, Sports like tennis/table tennis, basketball, Martial Arts…but I not like offensive games like wrestling or boxing, not like gambling…I want adventure, traveling the world…I like leafy foods, vegetables, fruits and herbal medicine…I not totally believe Doctors as our totally healer…only God I believes! I want also to study in Known School hopefully in USA…I want to study challenging courses like Astronomy, International law, Business studies etc….I graduated Industrial Engineering here in the Phil…Iike humanitarian and Charitable works my dreams countries to visit are Africa, Israel, Canada, Europe, Auatralia, Russia,Greece, Brazil, America etc….I have also diversity of moles in my face in the center of the eyes and eyebrows! and many parts…I’m curious on my blood type since for now I don’t know…I afraid and nervous If I see blood in my wounds or other people…before I admit that I’ve encountered misfortune or bad luck! I’m suffering unpredictable sickness which I don’t know I am mindness and gone no where like robust man my energy is very strong! Which other people can control me…but for now thanks to the Lord I am fully recover and learning how to control my emotions, I am enlight on the experience that I’ve encountered before that’s why I’m doing good and always pray everyday and attending daily/sunday church…I am a Roman Catholic but I open minded to different religious belief I am open to here them maybe in worship or bible sharing or rituals so I can get an Idea for them…I like musics and quotes that’s why I decide to collects Christian songs, Old/New love songs, different/vast quotes…hopefully I can share or disseminate to people whom like this…my problems also I am single because I have a standard of getting a wife I cannot find here…maybe my dream girls are simple with slightly sociable foreign ladies maybe a blue eyes or brown eyes who is understanding, caring and adventurous! Can you help me? Joke…I like joking and I am easy going…I like different/unique beauties…Maybe I want to be like Abraham! Joke…I want many childs…I want long life productive and worthy living! I not like acting I like Pragmatic/Practical…I like debate in any topic…since I think I can solve problems in my own unique and conscience mind! I can predict/forsee good or bad! I like brainstorming or psychoananalysis…My biggest assets for now is Faith! I not totally value money compares to happiness, productive and worthy living! If I given a chance to become opulent/wealthy I will share more than 1/2 of my income/assets to paupers/distitute people…Thank You & More Power!!! Alleluia…Amen!!!

    • Bibas Aryal

      Hi! Shreeya!
      I do have simian line on either of my hands!
      Can we come in touch with each other so that we could know about each other!
      So that we can compare and contrast the similarities and differences we have !!
      I am really confused with my simian lines …let me know if u can help me understanding my hand!
      And i m from nepal too!

    • Taranath Bhusal

      Hello Shreya, I am from Nepal .Are you from Nepal? If you then we can make a group of simian people from Nepal to discuss the information about the simian and its nature to solve problems.

    • Deepak Sharma

      I also have simian line in my hands


    I have simian lines in both the hand and working as Asst Prof and good in sports too.

    Now that both of my daughters have simian line though first daughter in both the hands like me and second daughter in just one hand.

    Is this will be passed to their childrens too?

  • Vivek

    I have a simian line in my right hand so it is good……….can you tell me this about in brief.

  • Sudhir

    I have simian line on right hand.will it be good or bad for my career as I am facing more challenges than others

    • Sudhir, that you are facing more challenges may just be your perception. This has nothing to do with your Simian line. Use your Simian focus to focus on something positive that fascinates you and all will be well.

      • Jayesh

        Hello Sir,
        even also i have simian line on my right hand.
        I am always facing challenge , problems and difficulties in every work. As others its very simple.
        Someone said that this is good because all that will make you knowledgeable and Tough.
        I always get in trouble in simple things also.
        please guide me what should i do?
        And other mentioned i also face the problem on focusing and dont want to work under others like corporates? . Always think about business idea .

        In 3 years of duration of job i had 1 years of gap,cause unable to find focus or intrest in doing job
        please guide me

        Thanks and regards
        jayesh b.

        • Jayesh, it sounds like you need to get really clear on what interests you.
          Then take yourself to the feeling state where that can be your life.
          start with a daily practice of gratitude …

          Everyone is always facing challenges. Not just you. It just looks like it it only us..
          train your focus as this is one of your talents.

          Right now you are like a magnifying glass that can really focus being pointed everywhere and that can cause unwanted fires..
          check out this guy:

        • Yash

          Hi Jayesh, I read your comment and you seem like my ‘identical lifestyle’ twin.. every sentence you’ve told applies to me too.. and I have also taken a break in my corporate career because of loss of focus and different ambitions.

          Would like to get in touch with you. Please drop a mail to

    • 2tone

      Same here going through hell with employment I have tons of experience and certified. But Im hitting brick walls. I them on both hands my left palm was badly burned and to the point I had double surgeries when I was 3. The line was damaged and now somehow is coming through the scar tissue undamaged.

  • Sakshi

    I have simian line in right hand

  • Sakshi

    I have simian line in right hand will it be good or bad.

    • Sakshi, that depends on how you use it. No marker is good or bad. Always ask if people heard you correctly (double check your communications) and find a passion to focus your energies on… forget about prediction. Take your power back. The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself..

      • Angel

        I think anybody can do what they want having a simian line or not? Use your gift ? Anybody can use this

        • yes Angel, agreed. It is more relevant here because the Simian line is so eye catching many people get fixated and then search for evidence that it is the source of all their troubles. That becomes an endless self fulfilling loop…The Tony Robbins video I mentioned on focus and asking yourself the right questions offers a way out of this loop.

  • surender negi

    I have simian lines in both hands nd i feel great about it bec i listen to my heart

  • anju

    I have a simian line in my right I have many distribe in my its also distrub in my study

    • Hi Anju, I disagree with anyone who told you this. Simply let go of this thought and free yourself. Set a positive intention for what you want instead and then imagine how happy you would feel if you got it. Now feel that feeling of joy every day. get dr Joe Dispenza’s books to help you with this. Good luck!

  • Mark

    I have simian line both hands and they are totally a line when i put my hands together and i’m so curious about it. can you tell me more about this thank you

  • ansh verma

    Sir i have simian lines in both of my hands so what does it mean? Is it good or bad?

  • shikha

    hello sir ,i have simian line on both hands.what does it means and is it related to our life or just lines.

  • Dan

    Hi Jena.
    As a Aries Double Simian (Double trouble ) , always interested reading about it. I really like the way you respond to the question. I 100% agree with you having simian is not good or bad it can be a blessing if we know how to utilize to our best. To all other other guys who are reading this, please take this as positive thing make the best of this.

  • johnny s

    Hi Jenna, messaged you regarding Atlantis which you have replied..i cant find your fb profile for some reason.anyways, there is a whole community of Simian people like me where we discuss the implication of having these lines.In fact there is also published literature which is a Legend about those kinds of people.If you like to join please message me.

  • Rakesh jangid

    I have simian line in my right hand also this line cut by fate line so what mean about it

  • Bobby Y

    Hi Jenna, please give advise, for these past months I am experiencing financial difficulties..
    i have both palms almost identical with simian line..

    • Bobby, your Simian lines are to do with how you process and express information and emotions. I’m not sure that has anything to do with your financial situation except if it is related to miscommunication.

  • Purshottam

    I have simian line in both hands but I have heart line and mind line as well what does it means?

  • dev

    i have simian line in both hand and there iz tiny tiny many line in my both palm . and i have cross sign in jupiter mount.. wat does this means??

    • Dev, many lines = lots of thinking, maybe scattered
      Simian line = focused thinking

      so use your simian line and focus fully on what makes you feel alive. cross signs on Jupiter depends on which lines are crossing each other. just ignore. read the first sentence again and focus on that ;-)

  • Dan Fyztr

    Thank you for this post and open comments. I appreciated the way you guide us. I have simian lines in both hands, Well this will be use as a resource nor a blessing. Well said keep it up.

  • Hello Jena, i do have very strong lines in both hands, for me life has been with up and downs, and i think there is a strong secret about how strong this can be, maybe im wrong, but i dont think so, it will come, life experiences is a big factor….thank you, it seems like you answer directly to who writes, so tell me something…and thank you again…

  • sumit

    I have a simian line on my right hand but experienced a loss In business . what can I do plz tell me.

    • Sumit, probably it was due to miscommunication. Someone misinterpreted what you were feeling because Simian types often seem aloof even when they are not. Always double check your communication: is this what you said? or what did you hear me say?…. then you can correct/prevent misunderstandings right away..

  • yasiru

    how can i use the simion line i have for my success?

  • yasiru

    does the simion line tell anything about love?

    • only that people might get upset with you by misinterpreting what you are feeling, thinking you are aloof when actually you are being compassionate. Always double check your communications to avoid misunderstandings.

  • Dominic

    I have Simian line on my left hand . Wow I thought I’m the only one who have this..

  • yasiru

    ok! thank you very much for the information..

  • Justine

    I have a simian line on left hand. so what does it mean?”
    I am good in studies , sports and everything good.
    I am also a topper of my school.
    And i want to become a scientist.But sometimes i may suffer from health problems such as common cold, body pain weakness and so on.
    Is This a serious problem?

  • Deepak