Earth School Calls with Richard Unger and Jena Griffiths

Soul Topics

12 soul purpose classes: 4 classes on how to use the life schools in your hand analysis consultations plus 8 classes on fingerprint common life purpose and life lesson combinations. Soul tracking exercises to give your clients designed specifically for:
– Service Life School – Love Life School – Wisdom Life School – Peace Life School. Also covered, a series of exercises for each common life lesson that help you turn your lesson into part of your support team. Life Lesson combinations covered: Don’t worry be happy – No-one listens to me – Mr Not Enough – Negative L’Oreal. Also 4 classes on how to step into your best life if you have one of the following Life Purpose combinations: The Shaman – The Pioneer – Public Impact in the Healing Arts – The Big Shot
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Palm Topics

12 classes covering line formations and hand shapes: extensive information on the vertical line variations (Jupiter lines, Saturn lines, Apollo lines and Mercury line variations, also Venus girdles and Via Lascivia formations, plus 2 classes on the chakras, plus three hand shape variations: Joplin tip and others. The line classes are extremely generous in content and a must for any hand analyst who cannot do yearlong training as the reference notes, particularly on the Saturn line, are extensive and not available elsewhere except through yearlong training.
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Advanced Threading Calls

print work
Access all 10 practical application classes where we combine fingerprint interpretation with line formations discussed in the theory calls. The advanced threading calls are invaluable for professional or advanced hand analysts as you learn how to one marker impacts on another and relates back to fingerprint/ life purpose or life lesson issues. If you are not reading hands regularly it is a good way to keep in shape and sharpen your reading skills.
$564 $407

Get 4 series and save

Learn directly from Richard Unger

Get 4 series and save.
Get all 3 series above plus one more on client communication.
This series includes an additional threading call each month
where Richard shares and demonstrates how he talks to clients
particularly about tricky markers. The focus is on developing communication
skills and deep listening. 43 calls in total.

$1836 $1397


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