I’m about to take a 2 week total break from the insanity
of the internet and email to spend quality time with friends
and family in South Africa.

If I post at all during this period it will probably be
to tell you about my mother’s garden pests: The giraffe stuck
in the swimming pool at midnight or the warthog eating her
precious lawn. Or perhaps the real life danger of a Mozambique
spitting cobra trying to eat baby paradise flycatchers.

Please try the 30 day Life purpose challenge. It works.

All the instructions are in earlier posts.
It’s free and it will set you free.
To creat a viseo just use your phone or any device then convert it
google free any video converter
and upload onto youtube.

Happy day,

Please don’t get upset if I don’t reply immediately to comments.
My family live in one of the few places on this planet that both cell phones
and internet signals can’t reach.
In real emergencies, you can get hold of me through Elizabeth. elizabeth at handanalysisonline.com

PPS: On the way home I’ll spend a few days in Johannesburg.
While there I will be sharing my hand analysis knowledge with
as many people as possible as inexpensively as possible.
For queries or bookings in Johannesburg please contact
elizabeth at handanalysisonline.com

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    Hi… Really nice article you written… Please keep up the good work with that. I will continue to follow this webpage.. 😀

  3. Lili Hartin Reply

    Hello! Ive been coming to your website for a while now and always like what you have to say. Ive added you to my Feed Reader and I will be back around when you post something else. Ciao!

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    I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I really enjoyed this entry. It was full of great information and creativity, both of which we always need.

  5. Lyndsey Shone Reply

    You are obviously and expert in the area that you are writing upon, and it shows in the professional manner in which you express yourself in print.

  6. Salvia Divinorum Reply

    Lucky you! South Africa! Great place to visit. As I read you have some family over there, that’s great. It makes you save on hotels. I hope you have a nice trip an be careful with those african cobras.

  7. Gale Alge Reply

    Terrific perform! This is the sort of data that ought to be shared around the web. Shame within the look for engines for not positioning this submit higher!

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