Hand analysis class on Mercury markers this Sunday

I’m back in Switzerland. Trying to catch up on the backlog.

I had a hectic time in Cape Town with courses, back to back consultations
at Welgelegen guest house, and attempts to catch up with friends in between. I’ve forgotten how much I love this city and its people. It really has something magnetic and magical about it.

Thanks to Fiona Evans and all her staff at Welgelegen for making me feel so welcome and at home. Thanks also to Cath for so generously giving me the use of her therapy room.

If you ever plan on visiting Cape Town I highly recommend this wonderful boutique hotel right in the center of Cape Town at the foot of Table Mountain.

The Noordhoek workshop went well too. I was blessed with wonderful group of students who were a pleasure to teach. I’ll be posting pictures in the near future. Thanks to Anthea Torr for the generous use of her beautiful home in De Goede Hoop estate.

Next online class:

This month we’ll be having two mastermind calls to make up for the one missed last month while I was in South Africa.

August Mastermind 1. Sunday 24 August 2008

Topic: Are you quick sharp and clever? How Mercury shows up in your hands.

If you are a healer, writer, speaker or woman with a message this class is specially for you.
If you have problems speaking up for yourself or relationship issues, you’ll also find this class really useful. We’ll be looking at the Mercury (pinkie) finger and all markers related to or under this finger.
To join this class sign in here

What we’ll discuss in this class: Lines of genius, quick sharp and clever, mercury star, gifted healer, medical stigmata, anger lines, betrayal, divorce line, disastrous marriage, fear of being hurt, Jacob’s ladder, floating cross, fingerprints, hand analysis, hand reading, handanalysis, life purpose, Mercury, palmistry, power giveaways, challenge markers, gift markers healer lines

August Class 2: Wednesday 27 August 2008

Topic: Are you giving your power away without even realising it?

During this call we’ll be looking at several power give away markers in hands, what they mean and what you can do if you’re experiencing one of these situations.
Do you have trouble saying ‘no’?
Are you stuck in someone else’s movie?
Are you in your current relationship because you feel sorry for your partner?
Are you carrying a burden for your family?
Are you unsure what you really want?
These are just a few of the examples we’ll be looking at in this class.
These markers are also called “heart And spiritual journey markers” or “challenge markers”.

To join both these classes – register here

See you on the call.

Friday, August 22, 2008

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