Learn by doing!

The next Earth School call with Richard Unger is today.
This call is a practical hand analysis workshop
The follow up call to last week’s topic call:
“Solving relationship problems”

11am Pacific, 8 pm Central Europe.

Who is Richard?
Richard Unger, the genius behind modern scientific hand analysis.
And the teacher of all other hand analysis teachers.

Why should you be on this call?
There’s simply no better way to learn to read hands and take your hand reading skills to a higher level than through real practice, discussing real hands with the maestro himself.

Especially when Richard explains in great detail what he sees and how one hand marker impacts on another.

I’ve spent years doing practical supervision with Richard and I’m amazed how much I learn each time. Now I bring this experience to you, for a fraction of the price, right in your living room.

When do these calls take place?
These hand analysis practice sessions take place every month, the week after the topic call.

They follow the same theme as the monthly topic, teaching you how to combine the hand markers we discussed the week before with other markers in the hand, in a way that serves and empowers the owner.

How can you join these classes?

You can purchase each practical “threading workshop” individually after the call has taken place here:
Or you can save $20 a month by enrolling in advance for both calls each month.

Find out more about the various monthly enrollment options by clicking here.

It’s a great way to learn.
It’s a great way to improve.
It’s essential for mastery.

One time offer for Inner Circle Members
Get all 12 practical threading classes with Richard this year for $190.
Save $180

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