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You: Are you crazy! I already get an avalanche in my post box every day why should I subscribe to one more?

Jena: This one's different. It's kind of like reading a novel in bite-size chunks. Except you're a co-creator. We're making it up as we go along. What? A complete arsenal of personalities. Each one is designed to help you in its own special way. You've love them. You'll hate them. But they won't bore you.

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I'm already subscribed. Why do I have to sign again?

Jena: I have a bit of a mix up!

Alice: I signed in again and I'm definitely on your list. Look here's proof. I received 'Yippee you're in!

Jena: yes, but the problem is a little more complex than this!

(Imaginary) Alice: How so?

Jena: one third of people subscribing don't figure out how the double opt in works. I wrote to some of these people. They said they never got the 'please confirm your subscription' email and so haven't clicked on the link in it.


1. either they deleted it or 2. it went into their spam bin and they never saw it or 3. they get so much mail they just ignored it!


If they then try to re-sign in to my newsletter it says they are already signed in. Technically they are but actually I cant send mail to them until they really are confirmed.

so it's a catch 22?

yes! They aren't confirmed until they click on that crucial link. And tehy can't click on this link because they don't know where it is. When they smell a rat and try to rsign in it doesnt tell them that! It doesnt tell them they're not getting my mail. So they think everything is fine.

why don't I make it more clear?
I can't change or personalise this first letter in any way!

why don't I resend it to them?
I cant! The only way is delete them from the list and then ask them to sign in again.
I dont have the time to do this.

so what now?

I found a loop hole!


I export everyone to constant contact and press 'merge'.
This works like a blender. Everything gets all mixed up but at least I havent lost anyone! (well, so I thought!)

Alice: So what has this to do with me?

Around about the time my email co started developing a split personality you thought you were being helpful by signing yourself off constant contact to avoid duplication.
So did a many others. I've lost some crucial people this way. Even Anthea Torr editor of Biophile who republishes my work in her magazine!

Alice: so?

When I send a mail through constant contact (my last few newsletters) you don't get it because previously you instructed constant contact not to send you any mail from me!

Alice: So how are you going to fix this?

Me: I'm busy writing another newsletter.
When I get my copy I will forward it to you.
You can then click on the forward to a friend link to update your subscription.

Alice: Why have you posted our conversation here?

Because you are not alone with this problem!

Alice: How will you fix this for others?

I will create a newsletter archive on my website with a link where people can update their subscription info.

Alice: What have we missed so far?

Me: 'Think like a surfer' and I think 2 others. Nothing essential.

(Real) Alice: I have a similar problem. I collect email addresses. I have quite a few! I must be crazy!

Me: sounds like me with email companies. Must be one of our more subversive personalities. The one that actually is split! What's his name again? Cluny? Because he keeps cloning? : )))

Is Cluny one of your sub-personalities? What has this to do with your hands? How does his personality evolve and grow and take over your living room? To find out more, make sure you really are subscribed to my newsletter!