Classes and courses for both amateur and professional hand analysts:


Decoding Life Purpose from your fingerprints
- an online course with Jena Griffiths

Learn to decode Life Purpose from fingerprints and work more deeply with this material
using timeless spiritual principles.

The course is perfect for healers, coaches, counselors or anyone who feels called to do this incredible work.
Start from scratch and build up your confidence rapidly over a few weeks.
This course combines Life Purpose decoding with timeless wisdom from our spiritual teachers.
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Foundation Classes

Foundation Hand Analysis Classes
- an online course with Jena Griffiths

Get a solid foundation in professional hand analysis

Is your hand analysis knowledge a bit out of date, shaky, or with weak foundations?
Update your database and improve your skills over 24 weeks.
These classes are suitable for both beginners and advanced hand analysts.
Essential classes on hand markers related to personality psychology.
These markers indicate traits, talents or habits or thinking that might be holding you back.
Includes recordings, transcripts and reference documents.
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Interview Series with Richard Unger and Jena Griffiths

Learn directly from the Maestro. Jena Griffiths brings the teacher of all accredited hand analysis teachers direct into your living room to teach you about hands. Each week over a period of six years Jena grilled Richard Unger on a different topic, getting him to explain the precise meanings and differences between markers. You can now access all these classes as an invaluable resource – a searchable online reference library.
Access video and/or audio recordings, plus reference documents plus hand prints, plus additional resources from Jena. Whether you are a professional analyst or a complete beginner, these classes are the most affordable way to access the most up-to-date hand analysis knowledge available. Comments from members: “Extremely generous in content.” “Invaluable.” “I can’t tell you how much your calls are helping me.”
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hand analysis ebook

LifePrints Deluxe eBook – Richard Unger

500 page eBook – Richard’s original manuscript - $47 purchase here
LifePrints DeLuxe is an invaluable reference guide. It overshadows the smaller printed volume in both depth and breadth and is more than 200 pages longer. The DeLuxe version is full color with a lot more images and illustrations. It also has more examples plus insight into the mythological archetypes.
Bonus material: more recent updates not covered in the book: how to work with advanced life purpose formulas and use various markers for daily soul tracking exercises.

Jena Griffiths BA BSc (Psychology) BSc (hons) PCE, IIHA CHA, AHA, MHA
Certified Master Hand Analyst

Private Consultation

Hand analysis with Jena Griffiths is like discovering an extra window in your home. You pull back the blinds and whoosh… the light streams in changing the way you see everything. Suddenly you see the only person holding you back is yourself, and now you have the knowledge to stop doing this. This is about deep self caring and rapid transformation. Jena combines depth psychology with insight into the unique blueprint in your fingerprints to offer you a unique perspective on your life. more information here

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Empowering yourself and others through the language of hands

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