The 30 day life purpose challenge. Spain is leading the world. (EFT plus hand analysis. It works!)

Spain shoots ahead of the rest of the world in the 30 day life purpose challenge.

Here’s Erica Landfors of Spain tapping on her life lesson to unlock her life purpose.

Interrupted my hliday to post this and some essential free info. Knew I wouldn’t be able to truly rest until it went out. Now I’m free to relax.)

If you’re reading this and can give Erica advice how to turn her video
(besides turning her camera on it’s side ; ))
please post your suggestions in the comments box below.

What’s your life lesson? This is your single biggest hurdle.
The issue that keeps tripping you up.

Read other posts on the 30 day life purpose challenge
and join in.
Can you make a better video than Erica?

Post your videos below.
you could win a free handanalysis session with me.

You could also set yourself free! It works!!

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30 thoughts on “The 30 day life purpose challenge. Spain is leading the world. (EFT plus hand analysis. It works!)

  1. Sarfaraz Khan Reply

    It awesome and mind blowing.
    Its useful not only for me but also everyone here.

  2. Bei M. Reply

    I am very glad to know this thanks for informative article.
    Keep it up.

  3. marcos Reply

    I would like to know, is it possible to give “hand readings” via the internet?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      yes it is. You just have to order a session. Then I send you inked sheets.
      You take a few minutes to make your prints and post or scan them back to me.
      Then we skype or talk over the phone while looking at your prints on the computer.
      Then I send you a CD of the conversation and summary sheets.
      What will make you feel the most actualised, what holds you back
      also what personality strenghts and talents you can develop
      that will help you have the courage to live your ‘big you’ instead of your ‘small you’.

  4. Lauren@Leadership Reply

    Hehe, I wouldn’t say ‘interupted’ your holiday – but supplmented it! Youtubing is so much fun. Thanks for sharing the thought leadership, it’s appreciated.

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  7. Edward @ Mens Wedding Bands Reply

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