Your complimentary chapter of Lifeprints De Luxe – the original Life Purpose manuscript

life prints the missing chapters

Here’s a chance for you to download the first chapter of LifePrints De Luxe: mapping your life pupose – Richard Unger’s original manuscript.
It’s the ultimate guide to figuring out your life purpose from your fingerprints.

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LifePrints De Luxe is priced so that everyone can know their life purpose.
It’s an invaluable reference guide for complete beginners and experts alike.
You can purchase the De Luxe version as an ebook here.

What’s the main difference between LifePrints and LifePrints De Luxe??

The de Luxe version is full color with a lot more images, photos
and illustrations. It overshadows the smaller printed volume in both depth
and breadth and is more than 200 pages longer.

De Luxe contains much more of Richard’s soul psychology thinking.
(At least 40 more pages.)
It’s worth buying just for this section.

Unlike the printed book, it includes an example of every
possible life purpose plus school combination
several more stories for each finger zone to help you
understand each combination more fully.
It’s worth having just for this section.

Then it includes a few pages on each of the mythologies
(Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury) written in Richard’s own words.
The mythological archetypes are a cornerstone to all Richard’s work .
I’d buy it for these notes alone.
Ricahrd Unger on mythological archetypes
Also, a lot more famous hands are discussed: 27 in the ebook
as opposed to only 12 in the printed version.
Many hand analysts would buy it for this material alone.

Another huge difference is the additional appendix.
Appendix 1 of LifePrints De Luxe includes an overview
of Richard’s other work beyond fingerprints
: his thinking on
hand shape, heart lines, mate selectors and gift markers.

This entire section was edited out of the printed version of
LifePrints because it didn’t relate directly to fingerprints.

Over the years, a lot has been published by Richard’s students
on these subjects but never by Richard himself.
The De Luxe ebook enables you to access Richard’s thinking
first hand.

This is the material Richard planned to share
with the rest of the world. Now, for the first time ever,
it’s available to the general public.
It’s worth getting a copy of Richard’s original
manuscript for this Appendix alone.

Download your complimentary chapters by registering above
or purchase the De Luxe version as an ebook here.
life prints the missing chapters
Happy reading!

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