SA hand analysts of the future

SA hand analyts of the future

Left to right: Margot Finberg, Helen Sardinha, Hester Hickey, Charmaine Boast with me. I’m just back home in Switzerland after spending 2 wonderful weeks in South Africa. Last weekend was my first 3 day professional hand analysis intensive in Johannesburg. I was really blessed with a wonderful group Click here to read more …

Hand analyts of the future

I gave my first professional 3 day hand analysis intensive last weekend in Zurich. Up until now I’ve focused on hobby courses. It was very rewarding watching people develop confidence and skills as the weekend unfolded.

Here are some hand analysts to watch out for in future:

Benjamin Pinardi, Christina Karenovics, me, Alex Anttila and Click here to read more …

Hand Analysis training

The next European 3 day Intensive training is coming up in a few days 27-29 September 2013 in Zurich. I’ll be running the same course next month in Johannesburg 18-20 October 2013.

This training helps you connect with your authentic self and deeper purpose at the same time giving you essential skills to help others Click here to read more …

Blog Archives on hand analysis

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Sunday, November 23, 2008 Are you from Click here to read more …

On re-dreaming your life. Part 2. Living with joy

I’m back at my desk in Switzerland after my first real break in a long time.

My son and I had a wonderful holiday in the bushveld game tracking, river rafting and catching up with family. We also managed to get down to Cape Town for New Year and a quick swim in both oceans.

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Hand reading in Hoedspruit, Limpopo, South Africa

I’m in the bush in Africa, beyond email internet and cell phone connections. Trying to spend quaility time with my mom and dad who live on a game farm and are in their 80s.

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The 30 day life purpose challenge. Spain is leading the world. (EFT plus hand analysis. It works!)

Spain shoots ahead of the rest of the world in the 30 day life purpose challenge.

Here’s Erica Landfors of Spain tapping on her life lesson to unlock her life purpose.

Interrupted my hliday to post this and some essential free info. Knew I wouldn’t be able to truly rest until it went out. Now Click here to read more …

I’m about to take a 2 week total break from the insanity of the internet and email to spend quality time with friends and family in South Africa.

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Hand analysis class on Mercury markers this Sunday

I’m back in Switzerland. Trying to catch up on the backlog.

I had a hectic time in Cape Town with courses, back to back consultations at Welgelegen guest house, and attempts to catch up with friends in between. I’ve forgotten how much I love this city and its people. It really has something magnetic Click here to read more …

Diamonds are NOT a girl’s best friend

hand analysis tip, Saturn finger markers, how to read a palm

(FREE hand analysis class)

Diamonds are great to have, but not when it comes to markers in your hand.

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