Over a decade ago, in 2010, I created a podcast and FaceBook page called “Learn with the masters” with the view to interviewing experts or masters in their field who had a proven track record of helping people with debilitating or burning issues such as depression, burnout, relationship issues, feeling adrift, irresponsibility, and so on and then also interview my teacher, and the teacher of all other master hand analysts, Richard Unger, to probe deeply into what insights one could gain about possible causes or exacerbators of each issue by exploring a person’s hands and fingerprints.

The idea at the time was to help my audience find the support they needed plus provide a kind of “finishing school” for professional hand analysts. All these calls were hosted on a website called “Earth School” where numerous people were interviewed in an open and free auditorium and then Richard was invited to share his insights on the issue from a hand analysis perspective. A monthly fee was charged for these interviews with Richard which look place at first monthly, then due to popularity twice monthly and then eventually weekly. I called this weekly series “Tuesdays with Richard” This expanded into more indepth training with Richard because this is what my audience wanted.

We covered numerous topics in order to help former students, or students of students, update their knowledge bank to include Richard’s latest work such as advanced hand shapes and to fill in the gaps of older students’ knowlege base who had studied with him in previous decades. On the eve of 2016, while at a Thomas Huebl New Year “World Work” meditation retreat Earth School crashes because I accidentally pushed an update button in the back end of my website and as a result “Earth University” was born (or “Earthuni” for short).
We continued with Tuesdays with Richard in Earthuni for another year but by that stage I was so deeply into my own personal work, of exploring and processing collective trauma in my own family lineage, that I put my full focus there for a few years.

Access the search-able library

All the classes and interviews that I did with Richard are still available as a search-able library on both Earth School and on Earthuni. Many of these calls have been made freely available to the public and others can be bought as a series, such as advanced hand shape, life purpose, gift markings or heart and spiritual journey markers, practical application and so on for professional training purposes. Purchase of the entire library enables you to search for any marker or topic and find all the places where it was discussed.

Fnd out more on Earth School and Earthuni or through the hand analysis shop on this website.  If you like to join live classes contact me (jena@handanalysisonline.com) or check out the current training page.