Professional Hand Analysis Training

Master hand Analyst, Jena Griffiths offers training programs for all levels, both online and in person.

  • Intensive Program Online – 5 weeks. Join a live zoom session weekly – starts 7 September 2022
  • Yearlong certification program – 54 weeks (starts 11 October 2022)
  • Refresher courses and advanced training for previously certified practitioners.

Join the Next Intensive Training Online

Join the next 5 week full immersion Intensive training program with Jena Griffiths. 21 hours in total including 10 hours of live tuition in small groups via Zoom. This course runs 4 times per year. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

Next small group starts 7 September 2022

Facilitator: Jena Griffiths


Meet weekly via zoom with Jena wherever you are in the world. (time and day of week depending on your time zone and group consensus.)

Learn :
– how to identify hand shape and the archetypes underlying hand analysis.
– how to decode Life Purpose and life lesson from fingerprints using the LifePrints© system.
– how to interpret heart lines, relationship needs and styles and an introduction to other key markers and where to find more

  • 21 hours training with Jena Griffiths, 10 hrs live tuition.
  • 1500 page text book written by Richard Unger (digital version. Value $375)
  • Long term access to the video replays of all your live training sessions
  • Permanent access to all tutorials and training (over 30 hours) in the membersite.
  • Small group weekly mentoring and Q&A using hand prints submitted by you and other students.

Tuition: $1495

This course is a prerequisite to taking the yearlong certification training.

Taking the intensive course is the first step towards becoming a certified practitioner. You need to have completed this course in order to start the yearlong course. Think of it as the first “weekend” of the yearlong, covering essential parts. It’s separate because it allows you to dive in deeply to see if you love it before committing to the full training.

New Yearlong Training Program Online

Next Yearlong Certification Course starts 11 October 2022


Learn by Doing

Join a yearlong training program with Jena Griffiths where we meet weekly online in a small support group that focuses on personal transformation and learn by doing. The course includes a university level text book (1500 pages) written by Richard Unger.

Our live weekly Zoom sessions alternate between theory and hands-on practice as you learn to hone your skills as a professional analyst. Next class starts 11 October 2022, is open to anyone who has already taken an Intensive course. If you are not sure if the course you have taken previously qualifies, contact Jena. If you already have certification, you may join us as a “wise elder”, taking the course as a refresher/ transformative experience. The course enables you to deepen your knowledge base, gain invaluable practice while connecting, bonding and learning from each other while being held in the safe container of our small group facilitated by Jena Griffiths. Participants support each other’s growth and enrich the group training through their varied life experience, wisdom and unique gifts

The course includes long term access to an online platform of training material to support your growth and ongoing development both personally and professionally.

In total +126 hours of training

Duration approx one year


Meet weekly for a full year. Get to know your peers really well, supporting each other’s professional and personal transformation. Personalised training with lots of hands on print practice, close tutoring, input and feedback from Jena and your peers, weekly tutorials to complete at your own pace and also regular private supervision with Jena.

Course requirements:
Participation and completion of an Intensive Course.

Yearlong Certification requirements: students are required to participate in the live Zoom meetings, pass the examination and analyse at least 100 people’s hands.

Tuition fees include
1. All course material

  • University level text book by Richard Unger.

  • Long term access to a multimedia membership platform of videos, summary notes and tutorials by Jena Griffiths.

2. All group training and personal mentoring with Jena Griffiths

  • +126 hours of training

  • Weekly live group training + 6 private supervision hours with Jena.
  • Long term access to video replays of the teachings and other bonus training material.

3. Examination and Certification fees (written and oral)

Contact us (support for more information or to make an appointment regarding your enrollment, Payment plans if needed and special rates for repeating graduates.



Contact us (support for more information or a guided visit to the memberzone.


In person programs


Life Purpose Hand Analysis Intensive



Time: 9 am – 5 pm

Dates: 21, 22, 23 October 2022


Facilitator: Jena Griffiths


Venue: Sternenberg, Canton Zurich, Switzerland


Day 1 Handshape. Decoding personality from handshape


Day 2 Decoding life purpose from fingerprints


Day 3 Heart lines. Decoding relationship needs and style


  • 21 hours of training with Jena Griffiths


  • 1500 page digital text book written by Richard Unger


  • Recordings of all sessions and access to online training videos for continued study.


  • Private tutoring follow-up session to ask hand questions


Contact us for more information or to register.




Feedback from students


“Jena is an exceptional women and teacher. I have been lucky enough to learn from Jena in a small class room environment over the course of three days and virtually in an intimate online group mentoring program. I was inspired to pursue the Intensive Hand Analysis Foundation training after witnessing Jena’s authentic passion for this work in person and after seeing the accuracy of this modality in my own hands and those around me.


“The depth of knowledge Jena holds on the study of hand analysis is remarkable and she is incredibly generous with her time and wisdom. Her attention to detail is outstanding and she continues to over delivers on content and support – for anyone considering the journey into the world of hand analysis, Jena is a master in this field and brings not only a huge body of knowledge but also a warmth and energy that leaves you wanting to learn more and more from her. I can’t recommend Jena enough as a mentor, thank you Jena for taking me down roads I’ve never travelled and teaching me how to explore my own inner workings through the exploration of my hands. It’s been a wonderful experience in more than ways than one.”


Rose V
New Zealand


“If you’re considering taking a hand analysis course from Jena Griffiths, do it! Whether your goal is to better understand yourself and your life’s purpose or you plan to work as professional practitioner, there is no better teacher than Jena Griffiths. Jena is a master analyst with a wealth of information. Her courses are thoughtfully organized and structured so you can work at your own pace, and the best part of her program is the personal mentoring where you can ask questions and get feedback. As a lifelong learner, this is by far the best-valued course I have ever purchased. Highly recommend.”


California, USA


Richard Unger


Jena really knows her stuff. Having worked with her on the Earth School interviews for six years, I have been continuously impressed with Jena’s super-accurate knowledge of the extensive data base on lines, fingerprints and hand shapes. More impressive, her practiced eye on hand shape pattern recognition, including rarely seen hand types, is exemplary. To learn hands from Jena is to learn from an expert.


Richard Unger, Author of LifePrints® and Hand Analysis 101 and he is also author and originator of the training manuals and workbooks for all levels of International Institute certification courses.



Empowering yourself and others through the language of hands

Photo credits by Lina Trochez and Brooke Cagle