How to make hand prints using lipstick

lipstick handprintYou can make hand and fingerprints of yourself, friends and family very inexpensively using lipstick or boot polish. for better results use artist’s block ink and a roller or professional forensic ink sheets. For best results put the lipstick in the fridge for half an hour before using.
This is a good way to record hand shape and finger length which reveals personality characteristics such as temperament. For fingerprints (life purpose) its easiest to take photographs.

Photographing fingerprints

hand analysis, how to read a palmMake perfectly in focus images of fingerprints using your smartphone. Take a photograph of each hand in direct sunlight. If the fingerprints are hard to see (generally they are on older women), then rub a tiny bit of lipstick on the fingertips to accentuate the dermatoglyphics. Also take a close up of all four fingers held together with the fingerprints in focus. Then do the thumbs separately. Check to make sure that all the images are in sharp focus.

To record your personality characteristics (hand shape and line formations), you will also need to make a hand print (not just a photograph) so that you can accurately record the shape of your hand and also relative finger lengths. Photographs cannot accurately record relative fingerlength because they give differing results with every change in the angle from which the shot was taken.

A holiday project – keep a record of everyone in your family

Life passes quickly. You never know how long each of us has. I recommend you record hand prints (and photographs of fingerprints) of all your family members over the holiday season. Click here to read more …

3 ways to improve your intuition

Emma-KunzSeveral years ago I went to visit the home and healing cave of Emma Kunz. Emma was a famous healer and visionary artist who lived just north of Zürich in Switzerland (1892-1963.)
The thing I found most astonishing about Emma wasn’t so much her healing powers but the fact that she had absolutely no books in her house (except one on healing plants), yet somehow she was incredibly knowledgeable, up-to-date and informed. I thought this could perhaps be explained by the constant stream of visitors she had, but then I heard this:
Once, a couple came to visit Emma and brought a book as a gift. At the end of the visit, Emma turned to the man and said, ‘I’ve been thinking about this book you brought me. It’s not me who needs to read it but you, and the information you need is on page 25!!’
How’s that for being connected with inner guidance! We all have gut instinct in extreme danger, but we’re not all tuned in to our own inner voice all the time the way Emma was. Or we are, but we don’t trust it. Perhaps because we are taught from birth that everyone else knows better than we do what we need. So we constantly look for solutions outside of ourselves, instead of accessing or trusting in our own inner knowing.

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What can one see in hands?

This video gives you a good idea of what you can learn about yourself through your hands, and also how you can use the information to help others.

There’s a short 5 minute version and also a longer 36 minute version, that is more in depth.

5 minute version

In the longer version Click here to read more …

What’s your life purpose?

You have a unique song to sing that only you can express.
This is what the world is waiting for. This is how you are meant to contribute.
By being yourself.

Seeing Your Life from a Higher Perspective
A map, no matter how good, can’t replace going the distance but it can make the journey more pleasurable and less circular. The shortest path to anywhere is Presence. However, recognising that there is a pattern and a logic that takes you away from the present helps you course correct more gracefully.

It does not matter what age you are, whether you are nearing the end of your allotted span or just starting out you are exactly the age you need to be right now. We will explore how to care for, nourish and give daily attention to your soul’s calling, like a gardener paying attention to sunlight, soil, water, root structure and stages of development. We look into the dual nature of your purpose in depth, plus what environment or family you landed in, where you are now and what next steps you can take to cause your purpose to thrive and blossom. Click here to read more …

What do the lines on your palm mean?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of theories about what the lines on your hand mean, and many are contradictory. Some people claim that the lines mean nothing, but that is just one more opinion. Let’s start with the facts. What we know for sure.
One thing for sure, the fact that you are looking at your hands right now wondering what the lines could mean, means that you are not fully present. You are open to receiving someone else’s ideas about you or your life, possibly without reflecting on what that does to your mental or feeling state. And this might be a good thing or a bad thing depending on a number of factors. Such as your mental state at the time or the other person’s mental state. If you are going to trust everything everyone says then you might be better off believing that lines on the palm mean nothing.
hand prints in ancient caveThe lines on our palms are the oldest literature in the world. And even though we have been studying these ever changing texts for thousands of years we are still not in agreement to what they mean.
I imagine our cavemen ancestors hunched over their palms thousands of years ago, just like we are today with our smartphones.
Those who hunched too long got eaten.

Here are some solid facts, not just hunches, indicating that lines on the palm do mean something. Lines sometimes change color and this seems to be linked to what the person is thinking about.

Evidence of lines on the palm turning bright red. Click here to read more …

Offer your hands to the future

offer your hands to scienceWhy preserve your hand prints for future generations?

There are literally thousands of different schools of thought about what palm creases and dermatoglyphics (fingerprints) mean and many of these theories haven’t yet been translated into English. The range of perspective is vast. Click here to read more …

The two handed practice

dreamstime_8966363Whenever you are feeling self critical or helpless or small or stuck, here’s a way to quickly shift your perception about yourself or your situation using your hands.

Step 1
Put your hands out in front of you as if you are holding a weight in each hand.
Now imagine that in one hand you are holding whatever you are currently feeling about yourself or your reality
and in the other hand hold a larger view of who you really are.

Then say to yourself:
On the one hand I feel ….
on the other hand I am ….. (the opposite of what you feel or something far more expansive.)

Always use “I feel…” for limited thoughts about yourself rather than “I am.…” (as feelings are momentary.)

In other words, instead of saying “I am sad”
try on
” On the one hand I feel sad ” …
Some examples: Click here to read more …

The art of hand analysis

spirit vs matter in art

Kandindky Composition VII (spirit vs matter in art)

Recently I went to see Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc’s Blaue Ritter (Blue Rider) exhibition at the the Fondation Beyeler in Basel, Switzerland. Kandisky’s power to arouse emotion through abstract art has always fascinated me. This picture alongside, Composition VII, fills me with so much emotion when I look at it, that I start wondering if it is just me that is affected in this way or if it has the same effect on others? A little further along in the exhibition, I came across a quote that sheds light on Kandinsky’s intention with the shift more and more towards pure abstraction. “It is not form (matter) that is most important but content (spirit).” Click here to read more …

Healing transgenerational trauma – can fingerprints help?

inherited traumaIs it possible that some traumas are so severe they not only get passed on from generation to generation they even show up in a person’s fingerprints?
It seems so.

Transgenerational trauma is already well recognized and researched by trauma therapists like Peter Levine who has documented several case studies. There are also some therapies like Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations that are focused specifically on healing collective or inherited trauma or uncompleted family issues. This is also the focus of much of Thomas Huebl‘s work which aims to heal collective trauma still present, particularly in Germany and Isreal, due to the Holocaust.

But is it possible that transgenerational trauma also shows up in one’s fingerprints?
I think it does! Click here to read more …

Breaks in the life line and breaks in the heart line

The lines are poetic says Richard Unger and breaks are really no big deal.

From my perspective, the hand or palm, is a precise mirror of the psyche and, because it is so visible and ever present, it can be used to either beat oneself up (by believing misinformation) for one can use hands for contemplation and self discovery. It enables one to ask, “It what way am I limiting myself ?” For example, why am I torturing myself with destructive beliefs?.

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