This 10 week full immersion course is for you if you want to learn how to read life purpose and life lesson from fingerprints using the LifePrints® system developed by Richard Unger.

The Course is facilitated by Jena Griffiths who also teaches a module on how she uses  the soul map at our fingertips as a transformative tool. The course includes:

  • weekly mentoring with Jena in small groups. (2 hours per week/10 week).
  • Lots of tutorials to complete each week.
  • An Intensive course manual written by Richard Unger and 
  • video replays of all 10 weekly mentoring classes.

Bonus classes: as an additional bonus, you will get permanent access to + 30 hours self paced training (all the modules in Jena’s 24 module Foundation Course).
Register below or contact us for more information jena (at)  +41 79 1010438

Summer Camp full Immersion Intensive starts right away for next few weeks.


Contact us (support for payment plans or other queries.

Take a 15 minute video tour of the course material that you will have permanent access to.