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What is hand analysis?
Hand Analysis is a relatively new psychometric tool, a way of understanding yourself and unlocking your life purpose, by exploring the energetic maps embedded in your fingerprints. The system was developed by Richard Unger over a 50 year period. Unger’s breakthrough was in seeing the hands as an overlay of two totally different maps: an energetic map indicating core drives and a personality profile.
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Jena’s mission is to unlock human potential by improving the standard of professional hand analysis worldwide. She gives others the information they need to make a difference in the world or to stay up to date in this field. Hand analysis is compatible with most belief systems and is a powerful psychological tool and self help method for unlocking human potential.

More about Jena Griffiths

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BA BSc (psychology) BSc hons. PCE. CHA. AHA. MHA.

Master Hand Analyst

“What me, have my hands read? You must be kidding! This was my first reaction when a friend suggested that I have my hands and fingerprints analyzed.
I’m glad I finally did. I’ve studied far too much during my life, got lost far too often and would certainly never have seen what was right under my nose if it hadn’t been for hand analysis.

I don’t regret anything I’ve done, but I sure wish I’d discovered hand analysis earlier. It gives me such a clear lens to understand myself and those around me.”
Jena is a certified Master Hand Analyst. She grew up in South Africa and has a BA BSc (hons), in psychology, geography and social anthropology from the University of Cape Town and a post graduate diploma in education (UNISA).

She was SA triathlon champ in 1989 and South Africa’s top cyclist in the late 80′s and early 90′s. She pioneered women’s cycling in South Africa and was also an award winning copywriter until a crisis of meaning sent her on a 20 year search.

During her life long adventures she has lived in villages in South Africa as a community field worker for EDA (Environmental Development Agency) during the Apartheid years, and also taught in disadvantaged communities. After a year of sailing and backpacking across the USA she switched to advertising to exercise her love for conceptual writing. In 1996 she took a 6 month sabbatical to ‘go sailing’ and never returned. Over a six year period she sailed around the world. Her son was born en route. You can read about this adventure here: “Growing up afloat”

These days Jena lives in Canton Zurich, Switzerland. She was personally mentored in hand analysis over a 13 year period by Richard Unger, author of LifePrints. Today Jena is a faculty teacher for his institute. During her own career path, she first took an intensive in 2004, then a yearlong certification, then advanced yearlong, then master certification. She also interviewed Richard every week over a period of six years (2010- 2016) to ensure that his system of understanding hands was fully recorded for posterity.
Jena interprets fingerprints from the place where neuroscience meets spirituality. She is interested in family systems and how your past can be transformed to unlock your highest purpose.
Jena consults in Zurich and elsewhere depending on schedule. Her self help articles have been published in numerous magazines. Jena teaches professional training and also hosts self discovery retreats, in Europe, UK and Australia, and elsewhere on request. She also consults and offers hand analysis courses online.
In 2010 Jena founded Earth School where the focus is on unlocking human potential..You can access a huge library of hand analysis classes created over a 6 year period inside Earth School.
In 2016 Earth School gave birth to Earthuni, where Jena has spent the last few years doing her own inner work. The focus is on transforming one’s own family system across multiple generations using fingerprints as one’s inner GPS. The supporting tools are grounding, presencing and breathwork….

Articles on numerous topics by Jena access them here or use the search button this blog.

Jena’s personal mission:

To help 10 million people discover their purpose and potential through their fingerprints.
To help therapists, coaches and other counselors learn how to use fingerprint analysis to assist their clients.
To help professional and amateur hand analysts improve their skills and stay up to date through ongoing training and support.
Long term goals:
To help hand analysis become a respected field of research and branch of psychology at universities worldwide.

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