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Life Purpose Retreat in Findhorn, Scotland.
dreamstime_xs_26293278 Once in a lifetime we simply have to say yes to ourselves and our soul’s calling. Yes to the different drummer that we have been hearing all these years. The ache to be who we came here to be, and also to connect with a like-minded people.

You have a unique life purpose, an inbuilt compulsion that drives you, inspires you, and constantly informs your life. Life intends something through you. Just as it is the destiny of an acorn to become an oak tree, this is not something that might happen, it is an inbuilt compulsion.
Much of our anxiety comes from feeling we aren’t doing what we came here to do. That’s because the forces that drive us are not always visible or obvious. Like the oak tree, where only one half is visible, hidden beneath the ground there’s a massive root structure that pulls and grows in the opposite direction to the tree it intends. So too your life purpose has two sides and one feels counter-intuitive.
This workshop explores both sides of your life purpose. And also how to care for, nourish and give daily attention to your soul’s calling, like a gardener paying attention to sunlight, soil, water, root structure and stages of development. We explore the dual nature of your purpose in depth, plus what environment you landed in, where you are now and what the next steps are for your purpose to thrive and blossom.
The workshop is co-focalised by Sue Miles and Jena Griffiths. Sue has lived at the Foundation for over 20 years and has been facilitating Life Purpose workshops here for many years. She provides the safe container of Findhorn’s very special field of transformation. Jena is a master hand analyst, she brings 15 years of exploring the frontiers of the human psyche through the blueprints in our fingerprints.

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Next workshops:
9 March 2019 (7 days residential)
17 August 2019 (7 days residential)
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“What you gave me was a life line. Invaluable information I have been searching for for many years. Thank you!” – Rose

SternenbergProfessional Hand Analysis Courses with Jena Griffiths

Learn how to analyze hands professionally
Join us in Switzerland next July for a brand new 5 day Pro Hand Analysis Intensive residential course with Jena

Located in the country for deep forest walks and regeneration while you
learn how to use the wisdom of hands to empower yourself and others.
July 1 – 5 Mon -Fri includes 4 nights full board including delicious meals in the Alter Steinshof, seminar house in Sternenberg.
By the end of the week you will have gained the first level of professional competence. Read more or book here
Contact us via email for more information: support

Next 3 Day Pro course in Brisbane, Australia
4, 5, 6 October 2019
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Next 3 Day Pro course in London, UK
27, 28, 29 March 2020
Kings Cross, London.
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