Learn to read Life Purpose
from your fingerprints

decoding life purpose from fingerprints, lifeprints, arch, tented arch, whorl, loop fingerprint
This online training by Jena Griffiths gives you a valuable tool to help yourself and others.
It starts by exploring the basic principles of Richard Unger’s Lifeprints method of decoding
fingerprints but then goes further into metaphysical principles and how we can use the
information in our fingerprints to set ourselves free.

- correctly identify different types of fingerprints, even the tricky ones.
- decode fingerprints to determine life purpose and life lesson
- use this information to become more aligned with your purpose.

The course includes NINE videos plus additional tutorials and two bonus calls.

Course facilitator: Jena Griffiths, Master Hand Analyst
BA. BSc. BSc.(hons) PCE. CHA. AHA. MHA.

Module 1
The art of seeing /training our eyes
Correctly identifying fingerprints

In this module you learn about the 4 basic types of fingerprints:
the Whorl, the Loop, the Tented arch and the Arch.
You will also learn how to identify more complex fingerprint patterns.
There are lots of tutorials to test your skills too.

Module 2
The mythological perspective &
The four schools

In this module we dive deeply into the four Life Schools.
How do you determine which school you are in, what it means and and how this can help
you understand the broad themes you are exploring throughout your life.

Module 3
Identifying Life purpose

This is the fun part. Figuring out your life purpose and doing it for others too. 
We have rich material here for you to dive into. Again we visit the mythological archetypes
and relate them back to you and your life purpose.

Module 4
Identifying Life Lesson

Just as a tree needs deep roots to reach it’s magnificence so do you.
Your lessons are your roots, they ground, nourish and inform your life.
We go into great depth on each of the life lessons and what they mean and
how you can transform them from a challenge into your greatest ally.

Module 5
Life purpose activation, self mastery and mindfulness.

Most students of hand analysis don’t learn about advanced principles unless they take advanced classes.
We think this information is crucial for life purpose activation so we cover it here. This is Jena’s
special interest and she shares what she has learned about metaphysics over the last decade.

Module 6
Common Combinations –
Diving deeper into Life Purpose

In this module we explore how to interpret fingerprints with multiple life purpose possibilities. 
We look at all the life purpose combinations, how to determine them and what each means. We also
cover some rulings that apply when you can’t see common combinations that will help you decide how
to interpret more unusual patterns.

Module 7
Common Combinations –
Diving deeper into Life Lesson

As in the previous module, we show you how to interpret fingerprints with multiple life lesson
possibilities.  We look at all the lessons, how to determine them and what each means. We also
cover some rulings that apply when you can’t see common combinations, These help you decide
how to interpret more unusual patterns.

Module 8
Interpreting unusual or tricky fingerprints

This is the module to turn to on those rare occasions when you come across a fingerprint that
really seems impossible to identify.
We take the worry and stress out of deciding what to do with these tricky fingerprints
and teach you some principles to apply in these situations.

Module 9
Sacred partnership – see and embrace the collaboration

In this module we explore how you can help each other grow through love and mutual respect rather than pain.
Your fingerprints reveal the game in your partnership and help you understand and support each other on a
deep foundational level.

Bonus audio classes:

1. composite fingerprints
2. double schools

Plus additional supervision:
Send the fingerprints you are uncertain about to Jena for verification to help grow your confidence.

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The new course includes line formations and an opportunity to join live Q&A and supervision classes.

Breakthrough Training with
Jena Griffiths

jena griffiths, master hand analyst
BA. BSc.(Psychology) BSc.(hons)
Certified Master Hand Analyst

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“Precious information. Different details and solutions so useful to use with my clients.
You are a gifted and sensitive and humble teacher.
So thank you so much. So very grateful to you.”

“You are very explicit and give more than expected.”

“What you get in this course is a complete and profound comprehension
of the fingerprints in all its functions and complexities.
And after that you still get more. Jena is a warm, giving and sensitive
person and her teaching is very thorough and explicit and is full of
wisdom when giving Tools to work with.”
- Suzanne Grenier
“Ok, I said I would give my feedback on the course, so here it goes:

I loved it and am still soaking it all up!

It is a very interesting mix. Jena starts you off with the most very beginner steps
of identifying the fingerprint patterns and then right up through the basic life
purpose/lesson/school concepts. What she does then is mixes in the more advanced
concepts of the life purpose inverse and the exalted life purpose. Once she’s laid
that foundation though, everything takes off!

Jena takes some of the best thinking of some of the best scholars in self-help,
metaphysics, psychology, mindfulness, meditation… and combines their thinking
seamlessly with the fundamentals of the fingerprints. That is where the value
really is in this course. My honest opinion is that on the *hand-reading* SKILL
side, it is very simple–and there is beauty in that. But it’s the other concepts
and skills that she brings to the table and teaches that made it a worthwhile investment for me.”
- Ty Dailey, USA

“I have been of intention to sit down and
tell you how great these last classes (especially)
have been!

I was going to throw some praise over to you
after the first Common Combos presentation

and then as I didn’t tell you that–the information
just got better and better. So tonight’s class “Tricky Fingers”
was just fantastic for me.

It may well be that I was overwhelmed in the year-long
course that I did –but now I hear it and grasp
the meaning most fully.

And you have been “feeding ” me exactly what would
have been a stumbling question like almost the day
before I presented several of my last three readings!

You are really so very thorough in your explanations
and with so many examples….I am a visual learner
and seeing the variations “on each theme” has been
a mountain of assistance and learning.

I am looking forward to your approach to energy management….
as that is how I tie hand analysis together with my other modalities.
…..and I think I wrote before, that I signed up because you used
the Yin/Yang illustration and titled as Mindfulness…

But I got so much more. Reinforced what I did learn before
and brought more understanding to this path I am working to master.

Thank you for this fine course,
I will be reviewing the material over and over to hone my skill and
grow as an analyst.

Thank you.”
Louise Egan, USA

“I would like to add another Deep thank you
to you and Tomar together, I so enjoyed being present
to the conversation that you carried through to us.
This is not at all the end of a class session, but for me
the launch pad with a pile of notes and ideas to activate.

Thank you for your work”

“..the discussion today was marvelous

I am so deeply pleased with the way that you (both together
on the call) integrate many teachers and still support
the concepts.
This course is mindfully expansive for me
thank you!”

New series starts 30 April 2019
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