How can I have my hands analyzed by Jena?

You can have your hands analyzed by Jena wherever you are in the world or in person in Switzerland.

Here’s how it works online:

  • book a session by emailing Jena’s assistant.
  • Your consultation takes place in person, on the phone or on skype.
  • Jena records the entire consultation.
  • You receive a CD of the session in the post or the recording via email (your choice).

  • Find out why people all around the world choose Jena.

    Jena Griffiths BA BSc Bsc (hons) PCE IIHA Certified Hand Analyst
    Success starts when you know yourself.
    Know yourself, then be yourself.
    Your hands show you how.

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    What people are saying:

    Dear Jena,
    I had to write to you after our call today. I was blown away by your accuracy of my personality traits and how you opened me to my true purpose. I have been praying for guidance towards my purpose in life and the first words you said, spoke directly to my soul! Thank you again for all of your insight and warmth.
    If anyone is looking for answers to these gnawing questions as to who you are, why you are here and what it’s all about, Jena’s insight is a gift to allow you to get closer to who you were really meant to be!
    With gratitude…Susan Russo

    Dear Jena,

    I am writing to let you know that I have been overcome by a feeling of elation since our session. This is quite significant, as I have been in a state of quasi despair over the last few months, or shall I say years! When you spoke to me about what my prints revealed, it felt as though you speaking directly to my soul,and I felt instant recognition in all that was being revealed.I could not contain the tears at one point, but the tears were not of sadness, but of joy, perhaps the joy that one feels when being seen, heard and validated for the first time.That’s what it felt like for me, after a lifetime of invisibility and self doubt. It felt as though all the dots that had been scattered around me at random in my life finally came together and formed a clear path before me that became illuminated. It is a path that my soul recognized instantly as it felt so comfortable and familiar.

    I truly have no words to thank you for such a gift. I myself am a psychotherapist, and have sought therapy myself for many years in an effort to understand my struggles in searching for my soul’s purpose, my true purpose!. I have spent thousands of dollars for answers that I had inside of me all along….Therapy drove me away from my purpose in that it cast doubts in my mind, while what you were able to do was draw me back to my soul’s purpose and validate all I have been feeling as true throughout my life. I feel, after our session, a renewed commitment toward Self,a desire to honor my self and accept myself for the uniqueness that I am, and embrace the challenges that I face rather than hide away from them, for without them, there is no self realization. As you stated with such wisdom, our challenges in life are our greatest teachers, and thus they should be blessed.

    Please continue to do this work, dear Jena, as you do it with such heart, compassion and clarity of purpose. The energy that comes through in your session, is one of pure love along with a great desire to be of assistance to those of us who are seekers, not only for knowledge, but for inspiration. The session we had touched me deeply, and you have left me with the inspiration to reconnect with the joys of my heart and share it with others.

    Loredana Marrone, Quebec

    ‘You put your finger right on the point and the advice you gave really helps!’ S.F. London, UK

    ‘Dear Jena, thank you for reminding me of why I’m here. You gave me the courage to really go for it! I now have my book written and published and I have a practice that really makes a difference. I help battered women and children recover their lives.’ Aldine Dallas. Author of Launch Yourself into Magnificence. Motivational Speaker and Holistic Life Coach

    ‘Thank you for being such a special influence in my life. It’s a miracle that I found you when I did. I feel truly blessed.” Christina Haydt, Pasadena, California

    ‘You haven’t just given me abstract information. You have given me real, concrete, useful information about how to use my talents to strengthen the less developed parts of myself. Thank you for sharing your unique gift!’ Barbara A. Hess, PhD Counselling

    ‘Thank you Jena, what you said has really helped me. I think people should just pay you thousands and spend a whole day with you!’ V.R.(Switzerland)


    ‘Your fee is really reasonable. In just one hour, you’ve given me more clarity than what I gained through years of therapy. I cannot put a monetary value to this! Thank you!!’ S.F. (Switzerland)

    People from all around the world specially seek out Jena not only for her precise hand expertise and training but also for her counseling skills and direct personal experience.

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