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Are you a dancer?

This post is dedicated to Anuradha Kowtha who asked me how dancing shows up in your hands.
Anuradha has dancing in her veins and teaches an ancient form of connecting with the divine in you.
I told Anuradha to look for a large bulge where the Venus mount (the ball of the thumb) meets the wrist.
This is called an “angle of harmony” and indicates a sense of rhythm and a talent for dance.
Funnily, the day after I was asked this question the next client who came into my office had a beautiful angle of harmony.
I took a photograph and made hand prints (see below).
My client agreed, she loves to dance and would like to make it a more vital part of her career.
If you have this marker, know that dancing is in your veins. Nurture yourself by putting it top of your agenda.
You need it to stay healthy, happy and sane.
scientific hand analysis, life purpose hand analysis, palm reading marker indicating dancing or sense of rhythm
This hand print is also an example of the “Starlet” archetype. Note the long ring finger and the bulging Venus.scientific hand anaylsis, palm marker showing stardom, palmistry
Other ways creativity shows up in your hands?
Spatulate tipped fingers, A long Apollo finger (ring finger), An Apollo line, An Apollo Star, a talent line, a Fiery hand shape with lots of crackly lines.
As you can see, the hand expresses your creativity in a number of different ways. No way is right or wrong or better than another.
Trust what you already know deep down inside yourself and live it more!