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Learn by doing (next advanced hand analysis practical class today)

The next “learn by doing” practical online hand analysis class with Richard Unger is today.

This is a follow on class from the topic call last week on the Inner Critic.

This call is mainly for advanced or master hand analysts or people who are at least familiar with the basics of modern/scientific hand analysis.

Beginners are welcome but you’ll be jumping in the deep end.
A classic case of “Learn by doing”

Theory + practice + insight = real learning

Real learning only takes place when you try to apply theory to real hands with all their paradoxes and delicious dilemmas.

Are you joining us today for the practical application call with Richard?

An example of a reference document for the call

Register or more information here:

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Palm markers related to 5 different types of melancholy, sadness and depression.

Feedback from people who attended Earth School’s first hand analysis class with Richard Unger on hand markers related to depression:
And some of the markers discussed.

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