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Hand markers related to love, marriage, intimacy, relationship problems, heart break. Next online hand analysis class.

The next online hand analysis class with Richard Unger is Thursday 24 February.
This is part of the Earth School monthly topic series.
The topic for February is love and relationship problems. I’ll be posting lots of blogs about this topic and how it shows up in hands in the coming weeks.

healing a broken heart is in your hands

solving relationship problems is in your hands

We’ll be looking at how relationship problems show up in hands and how hands show you a broader picture and give solutions.

What will we discuss on the call?

We’ll be looking a hand markers related to issues of the heart: love, betrayal, intimacy…
What causes you to feel contracted? Or expanded?
What causes you or your partner to shut down?
How your hands can help you understand your relationship, each other and your individual needs better.
We’ll be exploring palm markers in depth and the finer differencces in meaning.

Register for this call here.

Who will benefit most from this call?

  • If you personally are having relationship problems this call will help you.
  • Healers, a coaches or a psychologists.
  • Professional and amateur hand analysts, hand readers, palmists, palm readers, anyone interested in palmisty, hand analysis or how to read a palm.
  • Anyone curious about knowing and understanding themselves better.
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