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tiger + heart

I figured it out!

Heart + tiger
(The Year of the Tiger starting on Valentine’s day)
= having the courage to trust your heart
and let go.

You cant be all things to all people.
Just as you can’t have 6 sofas in your living room.

Thinking that God is outside you leads to listening to your head over your heart.
(Problem is, inner guidance often doesn’t make sense.)
So then you ask other people for advice, which then runs against your own inner guidance.

This is how you end up with 6 sofas in your living room
instead of one. ie. Clutter.

You don’t know why your inner guidance is sending you to the furniture shop.
It probably isn’t even to buy a sofa. Maybe its to meet someone or get the idea
to knock the wall down between your living room and kitchen.

If you don’t trust your inner guidance you’ll ask someone else if
they think now’s a good time to go to the furniture shop.
And then they’ll say, “Actually I have a sofa in my garage which
you can have for half price!”

And then your angels will roll their eyes and pull all the feathers out
of their wings and say, “See you in the next life time!”

A success story?
A good example is Sam Worthington, the Australian lead actor in Avatar.

Avatar (2009 film)
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He trusted his intuition to shut down his life and sell everything.
He had no idea why.
Next thing he knew, he was on a plane to Hollywood.

Can you say “I am God” without expecting a lightning bolt to strike you dead?
You need the courage of a tiger to do this.
Because actually you are. And the tiny voice in your heart is your umbilical chord
to “All that is.”

This is what the year of the tiger is all about. The courage to trust
your connectedness and let go.

What has this to do with your hands?
Your hands show where your umbilical chord is knotted and how to fix this.
If you’d like to learn how to do this yourself, then go here.
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Happy New Year Tiger,
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