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Do you have difficulty saying no? (Zürich hand analysis mini workshop series)

Just a reminder that tomorrow, Saturday 10 October,
I’ll be hosting another mini workshop in Zurich.
Topic: Do you have difficulty saying no?
There are many different reasons for not saying ‘no’.
Sometimes this has to do with wanting to avoiding conflict at all cost.
Other times it’s to do with not wishing to hurt another’s feelings.
Or it could be because you’re not really sure what you want in the first place.
We’ll be looking at several different reasons for not saying ‘no’
that show up in hands.
What do your hands say about this?
And what can you do to build better boundaries or to say ‘no’
without offending others.
Here’s an example of how your hands reflect where you are putting
your energy over time.
Stretch your hands out in front of you.

Now look at your pointer fingers. Do both or one of your index fingers
bend away from the thumb towards your middle finger?
This indicates that you have given your power away in the past.
Photograph of dislocated left index finger
Image via Wikipedia

The more your left pointer finger bends away from the thumb,
the more you have given your power away to your partner over the years.
The good news is, you don’t have to be confrontational to stand your ground.
As a wise man once said: You don’t always have to agree
But you can always be agreeable.
During the morning you’ll learn what your hands are trying to tell you
on this topic. You’ll also learn practical guidelines to effectively manage
your boundaries and to say ‘no’ graceously.

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