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Breaking through your self imposed limitations


Your hands show repetitive thinking patterns. Many of these indicate exactly what your limiting thoughts are.
For example, where vertical lines (running parallel to the fingers) indicate positive energy, what you are saying “yes” to, whereas the lines running horizontally (from the thumb side across your palm) show where you are holding yourself back.
Boxes show precisely where you’re blocked, diamonds show frozen energy and bubbles on lines show trouble spots.
palmistry marker palm reading or hand analysis marker
For example, a diamond formation under the middle finger indicates frozen “assets”. If your finances are on hold in a big way ask yourself, what big talents do I have “on ice” that am I currently ignoring?
If you’d like to know more about this take some foundational classes which include horizontal lines (attack or “opportunity for growth” lines) and other challenge markers (and spiritual journey markers) on the link above.