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How the chakras show in your hands

Most people are familiar with chakras and their importance as an energetic map within our body of where we might be blocking ourselves energetically.
When working with hands it helps to know where each chakra shows up on the palm.
Generally, horizontal lines show what you are saying ‘no’ to, or in this case, which chakra is blocked.
For example, a line through the second chakra is an indicator of co-dependency.
Lines through the third eye chakra indicate lack of clarity and a resulting inability to make decisions.
Criss crosses in the throat chakra indicate you’re not speaking your truth.
Stars in any of the chakra regions indicate extraordinary abilities related to this chakra.
For example, a star in the third eye section indicates exceptional powers of discernment.

Here’s a visual map of where the chakras show up on your palms.

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The chakras in your hands

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For more on how to use the chakra system to manage your power/energy here are some summary notes on the work of Carolyn Myss – Energy Anatomy. The 7 stages of power.
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