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tiger + heart

I figured it out!

Heart + tiger
(The Year of the Tiger starting on Valentine’s day)
= having the courage to trust your heart
and let go.

You cant be all things to all people.
Just as you can’t have 6 sofas in your living room.

Thinking that God is outside you leads to listening to your head over your heart.
(Problem is, inner guidance often doesn’t make sense.)
So then you ask other people for advice, which then runs against your own inner guidance.

This is how you end up with 6 sofas in your living room
instead of one. ie. Clutter.

You don’t know why your inner guidance is sending you to the furniture shop.
It probably isn’t even to buy a sofa. Maybe its to meet someone or get the idea
to knock the wall down between your living room and kitchen.

If you don’t trust your inner guidance you’ll ask someone else if
they think now’s a good time to go to the furniture shop.
And then they’ll say, “Actually I have a sofa in my garage which
you can have for half price!”

And then your angels will roll their eyes and pull all the feathers out
of their wings and say, “See you in the next life time!”

A success story?
A good example is Sam Worthington, the Australian lead actor in Avatar.

Avatar (2009 film)
Image via Wikipedia

He trusted his intuition to shut down his life and sell everything.
He had no idea why.
Next thing he knew, he was on a plane to Hollywood.

Can you say “I am God” without expecting a lightning bolt to strike you dead?
You need the courage of a tiger to do this.
Because actually you are. And the tiny voice in your heart is your umbilical chord
to “All that is.”

This is what the year of the tiger is all about. The courage to trust
your connectedness and let go.

What has this to do with your hands?
Your hands show where your umbilical chord is knotted and how to fix this.
If you’d like to learn how to do this yourself, then go here.
And If you’d like to make a comment on this to share with others, please do so.

Happy New Year Tiger,
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Re-dreaming your life. Part 4. Ride the tiger.

What I really love about Chinese New Year is that it gives you a valid
excuse to press re-set and start the new year all over again, slap bang
in the middle of February.

Did you know, today is the first day of the year of the Tiger?

Tiger Feet......

Image by law_keven via Flickr

But this year is really unusual because it’s also Valentines day.

So what does that mean?
Time to open your heart and activate your inner tiger at the same time.

Sounds like a contradiction?

How about –

Be fierce and brave about listening to your heart.

And then what?

Free yourself.

Press purge.

Chuck out everything in your life that doesn’t make you feel good or
boost your energy.

This includes stuff, people, food, habits, ideas, beliefs, rules,
expectations…. even valid excuses. The stories we tell ourselves why
we can’t have what we want.

I listened to a fascinating interview the other day with Sue Rasmussen,
who said that the real clutter in your life is actually invisible! This
is the stuff that looks perfect on the surface but isn’t because it
drains your energy for one reason or another. (Stuff you’re keeping
because you feel you have to. It cost a bomb/ granny gave it to
you/ it’s irreplaceable….)

She also said that visible clutter is useful because it shows you what
ideas or things you’re resisting letting go of.

So what to do?
Pick up each item in your home and tune into your heart not your head.
Ask, “How does this thing make me feel? Then throw out everything that
doesn’t make your heart sing.

The same applies to people. Sometimes it looks like a person’s life is
full of friends but this is just window dressing.

Do you have the courage to let go of people you’re hanging onto for all
the wrong reasons?
Or anyone who doesn’t support your higher vision of yourself? Even old
friends or family? Can you love yourself by saying no to people who make
unreasonable demands on you? Can you do this and still keep your heart
open to them?

Call on your inner tiger to help you.

By letting go of the old, you make space for the new.

A great tool for activating love + tiger is the little big book by
Miguel Ruiz called The four agreements. It’s one of the most important
books ever written and it’s really quick to read.

How does clutter or resistance show up in your hands?

Clutter shows up as a grill or box. Where it is in your hand indicates
exactly where the energy is blocked in your life.

If you haven’t had your hands analysed yet now’s the time.
Book here

Be brave this year. Open to love. Wake the tiger. And love what comes,


bonding with nature

bonding with nature

This is one of the 4 tigers in my life.
I tried to activate him and he just stuck his tongue out at me before curling back up and
re-bonding with his favourite pot plant. I don’t blame him. It’s -6 and knee deep in snow outside.

tiger tongue

tiger tongue pull

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