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Can’t decide? Do you have a bubble on your headline? (Next online hand analysis class)

Are you struggling to make decisions?

In the class today with Richard Unger we’ll be looking at all the reasons for indecision that show up in hands.
For example, horizontals on the third eye or bubbles on the headline.

Tuba in F
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Bubbles can appear anywhere on the headline. Where they are is very significant.
On this call we won’t be looking at bubbles under index or middle finger,
instead we’ll be looking at things like Tuba-flute syndrome (a bubble on your headline under the ring finger)
or a bubble further down on your headline under the pinkie finger. (See topic and image in my last post.)

What’s tuba- flute syndrome?
This is a marker that shows up in people’s hands when they really can’t decide what form of expression their creativity should take. Creative indecision.
Should I play the Tuba or the flute?

We’ll be discussing this marker and about 10 other palm and fingerprint markers related to indecision in the class with Richard Unger today.
You can enroll for this series of classes for $37 each or you can purchase individual classes for $47.
More about today’s call here

Here’s an image of what Tuba-flute syndrome looks like: Continue reading