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Healer burnout: free call with Dr Gill in a few hours

Are you a gifted healer? Or someone who is always helping other people and perhaps neglecting your own needs? If so, this call with Dr Prit Gill is for you.

If you miss the call there’s a recorded replay on the same link. Simply register below.

Jena GriffithsPrit Gill

Date: 29 november 2010
Time: 2 pm Switzerland/Central Europe, 8am NY, 5am US Pacific.
Topic: Healer Burnout

On Monday 29 November I’ll be interviewing Dr Gill on healer burnout. Dr Gill has worked as a healer for 33 years. He is assistant Clinical Professor in Medicine, University of California San Francisco School of Medicine and identifies himself as being a holistic physician who happens to be anchored by allopathic scientifically derived medicine. Dr Gill’s life journey has afforded him a rather diverse and different vantage point from which to view his chosen profession.

During the call Dr Gill will be sharing his vast experience with you.

You’ll learn about:

  • the role of the healer in society
  • What is healer burnout? How to recognise the dangers
  • High Risk Personality traits. Is this you?
  • What sort of behaviors make you a high risk candidate?
  • How to prevent burnout and ensure lifelong joy and reward in healing.

Make sure you don’t miss this fascinating and really useful call.

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Once registered you can type in any questions you have about healer burnout into the box provided.
We’ll answer your questions during the call.

The replay will be availble on the same web page as the call.
Please forward this link to anyone you know of who may benefit.

Who is Dr Prit Gill?

Dr Gill was born and raised in rural black tribal Africa and had his early formal education grounded in Africa. Hence he absorbed the tenets of practice as well as the role and influence of the traditional African Medicine man and his art very early in his career. Time invested at a Catholic monastically driven seminary allowed him an education into the medieval healing rituals of early western tradition. Because of circumstances related to his family’s spiritual roots he is deeply steeped and influenced by the heritage of Eastern thought and faiths (Buddhist/Hindu/Sikh) as they pertain to the healing of human physical and psychic pain.

In addition having for many years worked intimately with relatively isolated Native American populations on Indian Reservations in Oklahoma and North Dakota, Dr Gill has also assimilated into his perceptual universe the ancient healing wisdom of Native Americans. Continue reading

Are you a gifted healer?

The gifted healer (also known as “medical stigmata”) is a series of four or more parallel lines just under the pinkie finger. This is just one of several markers related to healing and healers and one of 17 gift markers first identified by Richard Unger, author of Lifeprints.
8 or more lines in this region indicates a “healer of healers”

Here’s what it looks like.
medical stigmata, healer lines, gifted healer, healer of healers, healer gift marker
Note the lines are under the pinkie finger but not on the very edge of the palm. Usually starting about a centimetre in from the percussion side of the hand.

Children rarely have this marker on their hands. If they do, it usually means that one of their parents is not living their own healer side.

If you have this marker on your hands some form of healing needs to be part of what you do.
Often people with this marker are working as healing but not quite the right type.
This, according to Richard Unger, is one of the causes of healer burnout. To hear more about this or about other hand markers related to burnout go here.

If this is you, here’s a complimentaryinterview with Dr Prit Gill on what to do about healer burnout. The replay is available permanently in Earth School’s free auditorium.

For more posts on healer gift markers here’s a popular one with lots of info. Also use the search button on this site. There are several and some very detailed. (Also see the old blog in the sidebar)
This topic is also covered in detail in the hand analysis foundation course in the class on Mercury markers, available here.
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