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Are you asking yourself “Who am I?”, “Why am I?”, “What is my life purpose?”

Some questions can drive you nuts like, Where am I? Why am I? What’s my life purpose? These are issues you can easily spend a whole lifetime trying to answer. Other equally important questions like, Why isn’t anyone playing with me? How can I be happy?  How can I live an authentic life and still make money or get paid? also tend to get swept under the table in the rush of daily life.

Not many people realise that the answer to many of these questions are right at your fingertips. And I mean this quite literally.

Your fingerprints reveal something important and unique about who you are. And also who you aren’t.

The most important thing they reveal is your master switch.

Diagram of a SPDT switch
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Basically there’s only one switch in your life. And you’re switching it on and off all the time. Life is all about finding that essential switch in your own life and how to handle it. Lights on. lights off.

This button is in your fingerprints. Who you are when the lights are on. Who you are when the lights are off. What your life feels like when you’re conscious and living on purpose and what it feels like if you’re unconscious and living in the dark, shadow side of who you are.
On this site I use funny stories from my own life experience to get this message across.

Stories like
Can you do cartwheels?

If you hang around here long enough, you’ll also learn about how to read your own fingerprints. And how to look for and embrace forgotten parts of yourself. Parts that show up in your hands. Inner friends who’ll help you bring your true self into the sunlight.

As soon as I figure out how, I’ll be linking this site to various social network sites such as Technorati, stumbleupon, twitter and others so you can access posts faster whenever they contain something relevant to your life.

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