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Understanding the fate line

The call last week with Richard Unger was fascinating, even for people already familar with his thinking on the fate line.

Here is one of the illustrations from the detailed notes Richard prepared for our call.

age predictions off the fate line

Career line chronology

Over his more than 40 year career Richard has pondered the meaning of this line while listening to the personal stories of at least 60 000 clients. Who better then to listen to than Richard on this topic? In hand analysis circles he’s the world authority,

Richard says the fate line is the only reliable line to use from a chronological perspective but it shouldn’t be used for predictions.

Rather, the time projections should be looked at from the psychological perspective of where the person is at the moment (current age) and viewed as a projection of their thoughts about their career backwards or forwards in time.

This is an essential call for anyone wishing to understand hands from the perspective of modern scientific hand analysis.

You can access the replay of this call here.

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