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Does your partner misunderstand you? (handanalysis workshop in Zurich)

It’s crazy how easily we misunderstand our partners and loved ones simply because we have different communication needs and styles.

Sometimes we pass each other like ships in the dark, thinking the other person doesn’t care when actually this simply isn’t true. It’s just a matter of learning your and your partner’s differences in communication needs and styles.

This Saturday in Zurich, 10am to 1pm, I’ll be hosting another in a series of mini workshops showing you how you can use the information in your hands to shift your life up to the next level through joy and understanding.

What heartline type are you? And your partner?

Do you feel unsupported or betrayed? (We’ll look at this and other markers close to our  hearts).

Are you scared of getting hurt again? (How fear of vulnerability shows up and what to do.)

What to do about codependency?

These are all topics that will be touched on during the course of the morning.

In the afternoon I’ll be available for looking at your hands more privately.

Predigergasse, Zürich. Jena's new venue for workshops and consulting.

Predigergasse, Zürich. Jena's new venue for workshops and consulting.

For more information and how to get there, visit http://handreadingtoday.com Continue reading