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Can a palm reading help change the climate?

This may sound totally outrageous but actually its true, having your palms read using the latest hand analysis techniques (modern palm reading) can help you change the climate of this planet!


Hand Analysis teaches you how to manage your energy by showing you what causes you to dump it.

If you can learn to be gentle and loving with yourself  (self ackwnowleding and supportive), you can shift your vibration up instead of down,  given the same circumstances.

So what has this to do with climate change?

Managing your personal vibration impacts directly on the thin skin protecting our planet. Actually its not a skin, its more like an ultra thin and ultra fragile film.  And, like other protective films, if it gets damaged  then we really are in serious pooh.

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It has been scientifically proven that we humans influence the vibration of the earth through our own energy field.

Heart Math studies show that through gratitude, and focusing on the heart and feeling bliss,  humans can alter the Earth’s energy field.

Further, the water crystal man, Masaru Emoto suggests, we can cool down the planet simply by managing our emotions and stilling our minds.

So how can you help prevent global warming?

Never underestimate your power as an individual. Each of us plays a significant role in stabilizing the energy fields surrounding the planet.

You absolutely must learn right now how to manage your emotions and not lose all your energy every time something bad happens. And also, to calm your mind.


1. Through interpretation of events. Trust that this is a supportive universe and that everything that’s happening is for your good.

2. Do energy audits on yourself (check how you’re feeling) throughout the day. See when and where and what causes you to lose energy. Manage your energy and make a conscious effort to increase it through gratitude and self acknowledgement.

Knowing your fingerprints helps you become aware of what triggers you. You can have this worked out for you during hand analysis.

3. Put a daily plan in place  to acknowledge yourself and be thankful for everything taking place in your life, even  if you don’t understand why it’s happening. One way is to write down every morning 5 things that you’re grateful for that day and in the everning 5 things you acknowlege yourself for accomplishing.

And how to calm the mind?

An important way is through completion. You can achieve this very effectively by working daily with Phyllis Krystal’s figure of 8 for cutting ties.

Her workbooks are accessible through Amazon and local bookstores.

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