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Do you have a broken lifeline? A Simian crease? A Sydney line? A suicidal hand? No fate line?

Are you beating yourself up unnecessarily about negative markers in your hands? Every day people write to me in a state of distress because of markers they’ve seen or read about and what they might mean.

For example, they say, “I have a broken life line, does that mean I’m going to die young?” Or they say, “I saw a picture in a book of a suicide victim’s hand. It looks just like mine. Does this mean I will commit suicide?” Or, “My child has a Simian crease, does this mean something bad?” or “I have no Fate line does this mean …..?
Nang Yai puppet
What you need to know:

There are no good or bad markers in your hands.

Your hands reflect your thoughts and personality. Not how long you’re going to live.
You can use any marker in your hand to empower yourself or to dis-empower yourself.

What is the story you are telling yourself about yourself and why?

When other people give you a new story, from your hands or any other source, ask yourself:
Does this information empower me or dis-empower me?
What does it do to my energy?

Do I feel expanded or contracted?
Do I feel lighter or heavier?
Accept only what expands you.

Listen to your body.
If what the person tells you takes away your energy and joy
then stop listening to them immediately.

Run away as fast as you can.
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