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Clutter and indecision – do they show up in hands?

2 days ago I interviewed Sue Rasmussen of www. unclutter-organise-transform.com
on how indecision and clutter are related and what to do to untangle yourself permanently.
It was a fascinating call and can still be listenied to in Earth School.

Sue explained that most clutter in our lives is invisible.
Physical clutter is just a sign of far deeper mental clutter.

But there’s more. There’s a whole pyramid of the stuff!
There’s physical clutter, virtual clutter, time clutter, relationship clutter, body clutter, mind clutter and spiritual clutter.

We fill our lives with stuff we don’t need or like, for various reasons.

Sue recommends doing an energy audit on not only every object in your home but also everything else in your life. She calls this asking your body compass:
Does this object, person, thought,….belief expand me or contract me?
Does it make me feel lighter or heavier?

You ask the question and then you tune into how your body feels. If you feel lighter or uplifted its right for you. If something makes you feel heavier, get rid of it no matter how much it cost you or what its history is.

You can use this same body compass technique for making any decision.
All you need to do is tune into your body and feel how it reacts.

When you listen only to your head (and ignore your heart or intuition) and then find your thoughts going round and round and round without ever finding a solution, this will eventually show up in your hands as a very specific palm marker.

What does it look like? Continue reading