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Earth School starts tomorrow with 2 calls on topic depression

Earth School kicks off this week with the first 2 calls on Thursday 23 September AND Friday 24 September 2010.

On Thursday Richard Unger, author of Life Prints, will join us to discuss how depression shows up in hands.

On Friday we’ll be speaking to Dr Judith Kravitz, author of Breathe deep, Laugh loudly,
on simple solutions you can apply right now using breath as a cure for depression.

Both Richard and Judith have touched the lives of millions of people around the world with their work.

You can listen to Judith’s call in the main auditorium of Earth School.

There is no cost for this complimentary one time call with Judith.

Let Judith show you how the best medicine in life is free.
Seats are limited so sign in here. You will get access to the replay if you cant make the call.

Richard’s call is in the Learn-by-doing class room of Earth School

This is where you learn to understand your life using the maps at your fingertips.
Grab this rare privilege to learn directly from the greatest hand analyst of all time.
Sign up for Richard’s call here.

Look forward to having you with me for Earth School’s first 2 classes. Continue reading