Hand analysis online is an educational site founded by Jena Griffiths, a Master Hand Analyst based in Zürich, Switzerland.

What is the purpose of this website?
- Find your purpose or re-connect with your core self.
- Learn about your hands and empower others with what you learn.

Jena’s mission is to unlock human potential by helping to improve the standard of professional hand analysts worldwide. She gives others the information they need to make a difference in the world or to stay up to date in this field. Jena’s passion and purpose is inspirational writing and teaching. She is always dreaming up new ways to explain how this material works in your life, how to see yourself and your life from a fresh perspective and how to use hands, particularly your fingerprints, as an essential map that serves as a mindfulness tool and is compatible with most belief systems.

Use the search button to look through 8 years of informative blog posts. Take a DIY course or a Pro course or join us weekly in Earth School to learn more. To get Jena’s fresh perspective and unique insight into your own life journey – click here for a private consultation.

About Jena Griffiths
Jena Griffiths has a BA, a BSc and BSc (hons) degrees in psychology, geography and social anthropology from the University of Cape Town and post graduate diplomas in geography, climate, environmental impact and education. She is also an internationally certified Master Hand Analyst with 10 years experience in this field, and an IIHA faculty teacher. Jena offers IIHA pro courses internationally, in Europe, UK and Australia, and elsewhere on request. She also offers online hand analysis courses on personality psychology: online foundation classes an on soul psychology (decoding life purpose from fingerprints). These courses start at entry level but rapidly progress to an advanced level. They are also for hand analysts worldwide wishing to update their knowledge base.
In 2010 Jena founded Earth School where she interviews self help experts across a broad spectrum where the focus is on unlocking human potential.. She also hosts weekly hand analysis classes online with Richard Unger every Tuesday, for professional hand analysts and advanced and master students worldwide.
In 2016 Earth School gave birth to Earthuni, where the focus is on thought leaders in transformation.
Jena’s passion is writing. Besides this hand analysis blog and her blog for Earth School(2010-6) and Earthuni (2017), she regularly writes for Living Now magazine and contributes to other publications worldwide, such as Huffington Post

Jena Griffiths
Master Hand Analyst

Jena Griffiths 2015 Interview small
BA BSc (psychology) BSc hons. PCE. CHA. AHA. MHA.

Watch this video for a better understanding of how hand analysis helps

More about Jena
Jena grew up in South Africa and was SA triathlon champ in 1989 and South Africa’s top cyclist in the late 80′s and early 90′s. She pioneered women’s cycling in South Africa and was also an award winning copywriter. In 1996 she left SA to ‘go sailing’ and over a six year period sailed around the world, one third of it with her son who was born en route. Read about this adventure here.

Or watch a 5 minute video – what can we learn from sailing with a baby.
More writing by Jena

“What me, have my hands read? You must be kidding! This was my first reaction when a friend suggested that I have my hands and fingerprints analysed. Hand analysis is not at all what you think it is. And, it’s certainly not for everyone. It takes a certain amount of courage to look squarely in the mirror and own up to your full potential, or why you aren’t yet living it.
Hand analysis is the most powerful self assessment tool I’ve ever come across. It’s like a ray of sunlight showing forgotten treasure in a dusty attic. As a strengths finder, to know yourself deeply and what your purpose is nothing else compares.”

These days Jena lives in Canton Zurich, Switzerland where she consults and teaches. She also consults and teaches internationally and on-line. And hosts continuing education classes in Earth School.

“I’ve studied far too much during my life, got lost far too often and would certainly never have seen what was right under my nose if it hadn’t been for hand analysis.
I don’t regret anything I’ve done, but I sure wish I’d discovered hand analysis earlier. It gives me such a clear lens to understand everything going on in my life and what to do about it.

We heal the world by healing ourselves. Let me show you how.”

Jena’s personal mission:

To help 10 million people discover their purpose and potential through hand analysis.
To help professional and amateur hand analysts improve their skills and stay up to date through ongoing training and support.
To help life coaches, therapists, healers, counselors and anyone who wishes to acquire a new skill set to facilitate the unlocking of human potential and purpose.
To help anyone exploring the world of hands find the latest information and support they need.
To help hand analysis become a respected branch of psychology at universities worldwide.

Success starts when you know yourself.
Know yourself then be yourself
Your hands show you how.

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